Monday, July 30, 2007

Just win, baby

Although he has never been a head coach, Jags isn’t some newbie walking in off the street. With his 20+ years experience also comes with a nice track record of performance. The teams Jags has been a part of are 159-116-1 (per standards in each level of the sport, I did count college postseason but not NFL postseason into this record.) Here is a breakdown of Jags travels. Ironically, the only place where he coached for more than one season without a winning record was Boston College.

1986, Northern Illinois – 2-9
1987-88, LSU – 18-5
1989-1996, East Carolina – 53-38
1997-1998, Boston College – 8-14
1999-2003, Green Bay Packers – 51-29
2004-2005, Atlanta Falcons – 19-13
2006, Green Bay Packers – 8-8

Ultimately this doesn’t guarantee anything. After all, Dan Henning won two Super Bowls prior to coming to BC. But like many of the things I’ve tried to examine this summer, I think it is a good indicator. If anything the guy knows when to pick his spots…he turned the ECU job into a coordinator spot and the BC gig into an NFL job, he left the Packers before they collapsed and left the Falcons before their collapse. Let’s hope his winning ways and ability to find good jobs where he can succeed continues at the Heights.

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