Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No new conferences and other links

I think Big Ten will expand, but I cannot see any circumstance where BC would ever consider it. Ever. Not even the most remote chance. We’ve just been through a transition and are in a strong, lucrative conference with like-minded schools. We are not bailing to join a bunch of huge midwestern state schools.

Fairly recent BC grad is moving up the ladder with the Packers front office.

An early look at our basketball team.

Although he redshirted this year, Sam Shaughnessy did play summer ball in the NECBL until his team was eliminated from the playoffs.

A behind the scenes look at how the BC basketball point shaving scandal came together. (Thanks to Tim for sending.)


SectionKK said...

re: the NC newspaper article about the basketball team--it's amazing that the southern newspapers actually cover BC's teams better than any of the Boston papers, particularly the Globe and to a somewhat lesser extent, the Herald

Xman said...

Without Rob Crane, there would be no Coach Jags. This man should be awarded with numerous drinks every time he steps foot onto The Heights.