Friday, July 20, 2007

Listen to WZBC Saturday and other links

Although it's summer, there are still plenty of guys talking BC sports. Saturday you can listen to some of them on WZBC (90.3 FM in the Boston area and streamed online at The show starts at 1 PM ET. I am scheduled to join them around 2 PM. Other guest include Louis Hinnant and Steve Aponavicius. Give the guys a listen as they work real hard on these shows.

The AJC named Steve Logan as one of the top hires in the ACC. I find it so strange that the press loves Jags' assistants, but don't are lukewarm on him.

In a random note Brandon Rush whines about the NBA and takes a shot at Dudley and Williams' draft slots.

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almost_paul said...

Okay, I'm Double Eagle that grew up in Lawrence, KS and I was surprised when I read that article too. But I'm gonna defend BR here. Notice there is no direct quote from Brandon about S-Wills or Dudley. And the article in the Lawrence paper didn't even mention the BC players:

In fact, the article in Lawrence puts a much more positive spin on the situation. The Star made BR sound more whiney than he actually was. He said he is excited for the upcoming season at KU and that it sucks being hurt right now - can't blame him for that. As for the draft, BR was just expressing how wide open the draft was and that it was hard to watch because it could have been him. He knows he was projected to be a late first or early second rounder and so were Williams and Duds. I couldn't find the whole interview, but somebody at the KC Star might have been putting words into his mouth when it came to the BC guys.