Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tony Barnhart cool on BC and other links

I like Ton Barnhart a lot. Unfortunately he likes TOB more than he likes Jags. At least he recognizes our coordinators.

If you liked the posts I linked to yesterday, you can read SMQ's latest on Georgia Tech, another team we face this season.

Former BC commit Marquise Liverpool is done with baseball and looking to play college football.

Some BC students got a little too enterprising and now face suspension and criminal charges.


LAEagle said...

i think we all knew a few tony montana wannabes during our years at bc...i hope they dont go easy on them because they're a bunch of white kids...this stuff is an awful reflection on the school

ClassO10 said...

5 doors down from where I lived and only one was white. But yes, both wannabes who were sketchy from the get go.

ATL_eagle said...

All the sketchy kids live on Upper. None of this happened when I was on Newton!

BCDisco said...

I lived in CLX, probably the sketchiest dorm of all. On the first floor. With a bunch of athletes. It was craaaaaazzy!