Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ryan bandwagon and other links

The Ryan bandwagon is getting crowded and ESPN is leading the charge. It amazes me that as the ACC preseason player of the year he was still under the radar for many folks.

The only DIA school thinking about scheduling UNH is BC.

More piling on Notre Dame. This will come into play with a post I will have up later today.


Eagle in Brighton said...

You gotta love how Gene is running football scheduling: USC is a great anchor series to supplant ND if that indeed falls through.

Local tune-ups with the likes of Maine/UMass/UNH (coupled with requisite MAC squad) are a nice nod toward the New England brethren, while facilitating potentially great crowds at Alumni by targeting the day trip demographic from neighboring states.

Even love Northwestern: a Big Ten school, continues Midwest exposure, "easy" W, and a great academic school.

If scheduling will resemble the 1 huge game (USC/ND/etc.) + 1 local IAA + I MAC + 1 other, would be nice to see more academic schools like Northwestern, (Stanford, Vandy, etc.) than simply service academies.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Or drop the MAC school and keep the service academies: one or the other. Both seems to drag down our strength of schedule.