Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday links

Here is a local angle on BC goaltender John Muse. has posted their player profiles for prospective draftees. Here is Ryan's and Cherilus'.

Doug Flutie was in Atlanta for a fundraiser and had this to say about Tom Coughlin:

Q: What coach had the most impact on you?

A: My offensive coordinator at Boston College. He was a drill sergeant, a real stickler, disciplinarian. His name is Tom Coughlin (now the Super Bowl champion New York Giants’ head coach.) I learned more football from that man. After working for Tom and learning it his way, everything else came easy.

The ACC has added another bowl to our postseason line up. Doesn't D.C. sound better than Boise?

Future BC football player Kaleb Ramsey is also a pretty good basketball player.

After watching North Carolina spank Washington State last night, my mind wandered to BC's upset in 1994. Here is the SI article on the game. While searching for this article, I came across this Leigh Montville piece on Dan Henning's arrival.


Eagle in Brighton said...

The Congressional Bowl (in DC) is a great idea for the ACC: a lower tier bowl accessible to both the Carolinas as well as a quick commuter flight/days drive from Boston.

Would be a hell of an alternative to Boise.

Brian said...

Agreed with eagle in brighton. Let's just hope we don't fall to this bowl, ever.

Eagle in Brighton said...


BCDisco said...

Agreed also about the new bowl. Let's hope we don't fall that far. But even if we do, it's alot better than Boise.

Also would like to say that's a great quote from one BC guy (Flutie) about another one (Coughlin).

Eagle in Brighton said...

Game time boys!

Eagle in Brighton said...


matthew2 said...

damn.... i was hoping that louisville would take it to UNC tonight. then you could have linked to that post that everyone gave you sh*t for. you were right about everything except UNC. not too shabby