Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A little Haden hype and other links

Josh Haden is listed as a freshman running back who will make an impact this season.

Entering the season, BC's strength of schedule number is not very impressive. The calculation is somewhat misleading as UNC, NC State and Notre Dame should all be better than they were last year.

The ACC put together a committee to review every basketball game from last season and grade the officials.

Incoming hockey player Barry Almeida put together a good run in the United States Hockey League.

As we've covered the Falcons signed Tony Gonzalez.


BCMike said...

If there's anything valuable that Trangsleezy has taught us, it's that *UNLESS* you're on target to play for the MNC game, SOS is completely worthless. Just win games. I for one am excited our SOS isn't that strong this year. After getting criticized for "barely" beating a good UMass team by 10 points (because they're UMass and people don't know any better), it will be nice to beat the tar out of an undermanned URI squad. Same goes for Kent State and Central Florida.

Xman said...

BCMike, so you would rather see a blowout against a vastly inferior team than a game against a similar quality opponent? With BC never going to get a fair chance with the bowls regardless of our record, I would much rather see us play tough schools during the regular season. Enough of the cupcakes.

Big Jack Krack said...

Central Florida is not a cupcake. Kent State, with 15 returning starters could be a surprise in the first game of the season in Cleveland - probably not, but maybe so. They are a MAC Team with 15 returning starters.

URI - I wish we didn't play them, but I remember GD saying that the NE teams beg to play BC, so he rotates through them.

I expect Notre Dame to be a lot better and tougher this year - and it should be a great game on November 8th, the week after we beat Clemson for the 4th year in a row.

There are many teams with easier non-conference schedules.