Monday, May 19, 2008

Siravo interview and other links

In a rare occurrence the football staff speaks! BC Secondary Coach and Recruiting Coordinator gave an interview to a San Diego site regarding DeJuan Tribble. He has good things to say about DeJuan's skills. Even if this interview is pretty pat, I like reading what the staffers think...about anything. Regardless of who has been in charge, we only really hear from the Head Coach. The coordinators occasionally are asked for a quote or two, but that's it. I would like to see more of this.

This Falcon blog raises an interesting counterpoint to those who thought the Falcons should have taken Glenn Dorsey. Like QBs, first round defensive tackles have a high failure rate too. Dorsey was not a sure thing.

The first Falcons franchise QB has advice for the latest franchise QB.

Interesting takes on a college football playoff that may show the difference between mainstream media and bloggers. Ivan Maisel, an insider who works for the company that benefits the most from the current system, looks at the tea leaves and doubts we'll see a playoff anytime soon. SMQ, a blogger with no vested interest in the sources or outcomes (other than being a fan), cuts through all the speculating and finds a great quote from Florida State President on the inevitable playoff. SMQ is right -- it all comes down to money. And the money in a playoff is too huge to pass on forever.

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