Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scrimmage and Media Day roundup

Crane seems pretty at ease about replacing Ryan. [EDITED: the embedded code was not working. Go to the NESN page to view.]

Here is the ACC's preview of BC. It includes links to video packages on the team.

With the Globe's coverage being so inconsistent this summer, we're fortunate has somewhat filled the gaps. This is their coverage of the scrimmage and their summary of the Media Day.

In addition to the usual outlets, some other local media also showed up for Media Day, including the Patriot-Ledger.

The consesus among the regular media members was that the defense looked better in the scrimmage. (Herald's notebook and the Globe's feature.)

Young guys are making an impression in camp. Nathan Richman is standing out amongst the redshirt freshmen linemen. Haden is playing like a vet. Although not featured in a particular article, Max Holloway is also getting good reviews.

As for future Eagles, it is looking like Arthur Fontaine is a lost cause (here and here).


Big Jack Krack said...

Jerry York is a young 62-63 years of age. Let's hope he coaches until he's 70.

Big Jack Krack said...

Oops - I meant to post this on the Monday entry about the coach still getting the young commitments.

Go BC.