Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hockey in trouble and other links

Despite the ups and downs of the long hockey season, I think we've all taken it as a given that BC will make the NCAAs and then make a run at just the right time. That might not be the case this year. After a rough weekend against UNH the team will probably need a perfect finish and a deep run in the Hockey East tournament or win the HE tourney outright just to get in the NCAA Tournament.

The baseball team's season is off to a promising start in Florida.

We weren't the only losers at the Music City Bowl. Nashville saw a decline in revenue and surprisingly ratings for the game. We usually bring good TV numbers. I guess the malaise from Tampa carried over into people's interest in even watching the game.

Raji doesn't care how he looks in shorts and t-shirts. He thinks his game play and practices tell the real story about his NFL potential. Raji would even be willing to go to the Lions.

Here are some basketball features from Saturday that you probably would have enjoyed more if we hadn't loss to Miami (one on Trapani and the other on Skinner).

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CT said...

I'd love to hear from some of the hockey guys about what ails this team, why, and what the future portends.

Raji is a top 12 pick, but certainly no higher than 5. I'll be rooting for him on draft day!