Sunday, June 21, 2009

Future QBs and other links

I am thankful that Dave Shinskie fell into our laps during a time of need. But when I read stories like this I wonder what any of us can predict out of the situation. I don't get the vibe that Shinskie is a football guy who always longed to get back to the gridiron while toiling in the minors. The way he explains it, it seems like it all just sort of happened to him...he doesn't even know why he was released. Now let's hope his physical and emotional maturity makes the difference. This is his last chance.

Although he has committed to BC, future Eagle Joe Boisture is hitting the camp circuit. He's also showing his competitive side and impressing when among the best QB recruits in the country.

Will Rakim Sanders test the NBA draft waters next year? This writer thinks so.

BC guy Charlie Davies scored a crucial goal as the U.S. advanced in the Confederations Cup. Inserting Davies was the smartest move Bradley has made in the tournament.

Notre Dame fans are already predicting victory for our game in October. When will they learn?

Tony Sanchez drove in the winning run during his professional debut. Check out the notes section of this article to read about Mike Belfiore's signing much for the College World Series hurting his MLB value.


Peter jengo said...

send that ND crap to Bc captains

chicagofire1871 said...

Davies first goal was pure heart, amazing. AMAZING! What a father's day! While I'd prefer that Davies play in a better league than Sweden's first division, at least he's getting regular playing time (which for an American in Europe, is tough to do). Both Altidore and Adu should take a page out of Davies book on that subject.

JP from Dorchester said...

Love how they say the defense was hanging on by a thread before Herzlich was diagnosed, then name a bunch of guys returning to an already good defense. This makes me want to beat them even more!

eagleboston said...


While the secondary should be awesome, I have major concerns about the front 7. Few teams can sustain the loss of 2 first round draft picks on the line. Couple that with not 1 but 2 of your linebackers out and "hanging by a thread" is not much of a stretch.

However, all is not doom and gloom. I think the young linemen are capable and the next generation of linebackers, Williams and Clancy, just need some game experience. Further, none of us can know how hard the young players are working this summer. Yes, football is a game of talent, but it is also a game of desire and will. If the young players are out-working the competition in the weight room and the film room, they could exceed our expectations.

As far as Notre Dame predictions, just ignore it. The game has zero implications for the ACC championships and only a minor role in whether or not we make a bowl. They supposedly kick our ass in recruiting every year, so clearly that is not a motivation (otherwise, we would have garnered the 4 star and 5 star recruits after 7 years of wins). It's just another game on the schedule.

BCMike said...

Every year the ND game the same thing is said by Domer Homers...Oh, you only won because of X, we should have won because of Y, you guys lucked out and ND was clearly the better team, Yada yada yada.

Same shitty ND fans different day.

If we win one game all year, I promise it will be that one.

Darius said...

ND fans will never change for the better, that's for sure. It's only going to get a million times worse if they ever beat us again. And it makes me throw up in my mouth just to think it, but if they're going to, it'll be this year. Who do we have in the secondary that's going to shut down Tate et al.?

mmason said...

ND has been massively wounded by BC for more than half a decade. We are their football nightmare of all time, thumped 'em in their only Frozen 4 shot, and ring their bell in everything else lately-- and they'll never admit to the irksome dominance the Eagles hold over their provincial little South Bent outta shape world of lost and moldy glory. When I read this tired ND denial inflated Blue'n Gold garbage, I gotta laugh. No matter how hurt or wounded or young we may be right now, our kids have more heart and grit than the Irish could ever hope to bring to Chestnut Hill this year--believe that. I'm just sad we can't continue the series with them forever--but the highest praise is their unwillingness to face us after the contract runs out. But this year will deal ND a crushing blow 'cuz they think we're down'n out. Bring'em on--and we'll drop kick murphy those dudes bigtime. Go Eagles!