Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kuechly praise and other links

Luke Kuechly got the full feature treatment from Rivals. He modestly attributes much of his success to "not getting blocked." Having watched his games back, he's not totally off in his assessment. There were many times when he wasn't blocked. But it wasn't just blown assignments, much of it was Kuechly's speed and instincts getting to the play and making plays no one would have expected.

BC added another commitment in Brockton DB Dominique Williams.

Here is a preview of the bowl game. I will have my normal preview on Christmas Eve.

This mailbag has a focus on BC.

Good to know that the guys will be volunteering a bit while in San Francisco.

Jared Dudley made the cover of a fitness magazine in Arizona. For Dudley fans, it is not too late to join Arizona BC fans at the Dudley meet and greet January 8. Contact Chapter President Jim Gruber(jim_gruber@yahoo.com) for more details.


Dan said...

Well I guess Keuchly will be getting blocked Saturday after all this press. The more bad news that comes out for SC the better I feel about the D keeping us in this one. Then I get a sinking feeling in my stomach remembering the VT, Clemson and UNC games. God I hope Shinskie has been using the last 3 weeks to work on check downs and the O-line is really working together. Hopefully Finch comes back looking like he did in the first few games.

Great quote from Spaz. Would've been even funnier if he said Land Rover.

When asked his reaction when he found out he was facing high-profile USC, Spaziani said: "It was good news, bad news — like your mother-in-law went off the cliff ... in your Cadillac Escalade."

mod10aeagle said...

I think Keuchly avoids getting blocked because he anticipates and/or read the play very quickly and, like a terrific center fielder, just gets a really good jump on the ball. As a result he seems to always be at least a half-step ahead of the block leaving lineman and receivers blocking air while he's executing his textbook tackling technique, which is another reason his numbers are so high -- he almost never misses a tackle or has a ball carrier run through his tackle attempts.

Big Jack Krack said...

The D couldn't accomplish anything against VT this year. It's as though we were a deer in the headlights. But the D hung in there against Clemson and UNC. 1 stink bomb out of 8 league games.

If we can hold USC early, it will be a nice feather in our cap. Then we'll have a game, I believe.

Go BC - beat USC.

Thomas said...

Anyone know what the all time series is with USC? I'd guess 0-0, but it woud only be a guess. It would be nice to be batting 1.000 against the Trojans.

BCDoubleEagle said...

We're 0-2 all time against USC. Lost to them in 1987 & 1988.

Thomas said...

thanks bcdoubleeagle, guess that kinda ruins any chance at 1.000

bc1900 said...


According to the judge some BC students are below average intelligence.