Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beanpot prep and other links

Because Monday is February 1, the Beanpot starts early this year. The Globe did a nice job of asking players from each team about the event and what the tourney means to them. BC plays Harvard in the opener at 5 pm ET.

The Super Bowl is bringing some media attention to Jamie Silva, including recounting his dumpster diving.

The BC women improved to 3-4 in the ACC with a win over Miami.

Could Matt Tennant be snapping the ball to Matt Ryan again? Tennant was one of the Centers the Falcons tracked this week.

Another BC Center, Dan Koppen was honored in his home town this weekend.

This is a nice article on how Marty Reasoner changed his game to hang on in the NHL.


Erik said...

Not going tonight, but going next week. Let's get it done tonight so we're in the prime time slot in 7 days!

There's a Rakim article in the Herald which has some quotes. It's a little comforting to hear his reaction to his play. He's been called out on this board a ton, and it's at least reassuring that he realizes he's underperforming.

Dan said...

Disclaimer - I am NOT throwing the basketball or hockey teams under the bus. I am excited for the Beanpot and Duke.


Football practice starts March 18th
Spring Game is April 24th

mod34b said...

Dan -- THIS is what you have done to poor hoops and hockey!

Dan said...


Funny pic

You're really looking for any excuse to make links eh?

mod34b said...

Dan -- Due to winter boredom, I am overlinking. Guilty! Also, don't forget the new "roll over" comment feature.

Most of the hoop commenters here are so, so serious about hoops. I sometimes feel that I am reading the comments of accountants in a tizzy over the latest rules changes by FASB.

THIS is my image of the very precise hoop commenters, seemingly lacking the passion and interests of the football fans, !

Erik said...

Good times, Eagles. Good times.

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