Monday, February 01, 2010

BC cruises in Beanpot opener and other links

BC got up early over Harvard and never looked back. This is the fourth time in the last five years they have advanced to the Beanpot Finals where we will play BU...again. That is the joke -- the "BU Invitational." Now let's hope we have a slightly different outcome from most years.

Dr Saturday is using Signing Day as a chance to rehash his defense of the recruiting systems. I disagree with him, but understand his point and analysis. My arguement is that All America teams are often selffulling based in part on recruiting hype.

One of the last recruits BC was focusing in on decided to commit to Syracuse.

The Herald had a good article on Sanders' struggles this year. I think the injury is part of the problem but Rakim is forcing things and has yet to show that he understands his own weaknesses.


Erik said...

Dan Shaughnessey has an article today discussing how the Beanpot is full of players that aren't from Massachusetts. But I want to point something out in the information it provides.

Massachusetts players:
Boston College - 11
Northeastern - 4
Boston University - 2
Harvard - 1

11 may not be a ton compared to the old days, but I am pleased with the fact that the few Mass kids with the D1 talent have chosen BC over the other three. It really speaks to the success we've had since 1998 and the appeal of Coach York and Coach Cavinaugh.

What we need to do now is be able to broadcast that same appeal to local residents to become better BC fans, to buy some tickets, fill some seats, and travel to post-season games.

mod34b said...

Well said Erik !!!!

BCMike said...

Nice find, Erik. I was thinking the same thing when Harvard introduced their starting lineup and it seemed they were all either Canadian or Eastern Euro's.

Dan said...


You'll be pleased to know I incorporated roll over text into a survey I'm building at work. Now respondents can access definitions by moving the mouse over the word/term instead of having to go back to the definitions at the beginning of the survey.

mod34b said...

Dan, -- All right! I love it.

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