Friday, January 29, 2010

Tennant's good week and other links

Matt Tennant made the most of his week in Mobile. All the Koppen comparisons can't hurt his draft prospects. I think Matt is going to be very good at the next level but his size is going to hurt his standings with some scouts and GMs. On the flipside though is that Seattle, Houston, Tampa, Green Bay, and Washington are all running Alex Gibbs' zone schemes and Tennant is well verse in the techniques.

BC picked up another Hockey East win by beating Providence Friday night.

The National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association nominated BC's Kevin Moran for the Stopper of the Year Award, given to the top relief pitcher in the nation.

BC is still in the mix for OLine prospect Sean Hickey.


Erik said...

Awful game right now. BC should be down 25 and FSU should be down 22. Trust me that made sense.

Bravesbill said...

Reggie Jackson=choke artist. 2 turnovers in the final minute. Ouch.

mmason said...

Leaving FSU a clean look at an unguarded 3...brainless. What a poor, hapless finish to a game at home. Hard to watch this one down the stretch.

B. Traven said...

The BC basketball program is so poorly run, and the players aren't any better. Brainless and lazy, they cannot run an offense and are so friggin careless with the ball. It's infuriating. It's the same mistakes every game. No leaders stepping up. Pitiful. Put the money into another program, or do something about it.

Lenny Sienko said...

It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to recruit and train players; i.e., to prepare them for the individual games and the season.

This year we had no new recruits. This is an unbelievable state of events for a Div 1 bb program.

Our players are college kids, so I don't see any need to disparage them as a group or individually. Winning or losing is on the coaching staff-not the kids.

When the same mistakes are made by members of our team game after game, season after season; e.g., being unable to inbound the ball, that is on the coach--not the kids.

It is clear that this team does not fit or believe in this system.

Claver2010 said...

I'd rather have errors that Reggie has (trying to push the ball, make a play, etc...) opposed to the errors that Corey & Rakim make.

Corey barely made it past half court on the go ahead 3 -I'm sure nothing will be done about it as Rakim has been dogging it on the D end for most of the year

Ry said...

you can't hang this one on the coaching staff. we played a decent game, they played a decent game. this one came down to execution at the end and they did it better than us. yes, reggie's TOs hurt, and you can place blame there. the three they hit was rough, but contested or not, give them credit for hitting the big shot.

we had a chance and we blew it, but it was not because of al's failure to call timeouts or because of the was simply a matter of us getting outplayed at the end of a close game. we compare very well to fsu, but we lost. my takeaway from this game is this: we were in it through the entire game. how many ACC gamaes can you say that for. they never made a run, we never really made a run. it was a complete 40 minutes of basketball...and we lost at the end. but it was also a very complete game that we played.

Ry said...

i really don't think the lack of recruits matters. we have two guys playing this year who haven't really sniffed the floor before this year who have been positive contributors (dallas and courtney...awesome stripper names btw). they are essentially newbies. i trust our staff to bring in the right guys at the right time. we did not lose this game because we don't have a freshman this year, and if you think so, i would love to hear why.

CT said...

Well, a freshman point guard probably wouldn't have hurt this year.

I wasn't convinced we had turned the corner by actually competing in the VTech and Clemson games, esp. with the no-show to UMD right before that, not to mention the brilliance vs. Har...I can't say it...and Maine...yikes.

It's too bad that the sum is less than the parts.

Clarence Moore, who played on GTech's '04 Championship Game team, made a good point in the AJC today about GTech's squad missing leadership this season (even as they enjoy success). I think that's a perfect description of what ails BC, in addition to the obvious poor play, frequent lapses in concentration, and shameless lack of effort.

Perhaps that's one reason it's bad to have all juniors leading the way and to have four of them in the starting lineup seems to me to disincentivize one of them from stepping up and being the vocal guy. I don't know. That's the vibe I get from watching this particular team.

Halfway through conference play. Looking like an NIT year for the maroon and gold.

Lenny Sienko said...

CT has it exactly. A freshman true point guard would be very helpful right now.

Reggie Jackson is not a point guard. He's a number 2 if there ever was one; i.e., a slasher and scorer-not a ball handler. He's does make the occasional good pass to the open man; but its clear he is not the classic point guard.

I was hopeful that paris could step up and fill that role; but he seems to have lost his confidence. He never gets the foul calls when he drives the lane. He just doesn't have the height or "ups" to finish close to the basket. Last year he showed a set shot from outside; but he hasn't been able to get that off in ACC play. He is also not a true ball handler.

I know Coach Al is thought to be a great evaluator of talent and he has had success in the past; but this year's lack of recruits leaves a year's gap and a steep learning curve for anyone coming in.

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