Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend links

Jared Rudolph is the latest addition to Spaz's recruiting class. He's a local product who is slotted to play along the line.

For those already turning your attention to next year, here is a good article on incoming basketball recruit Kevin Noreen.

Jeff at BCI is upset with the officiating from the Clemson game. It was terrible and both teams were impacted. Also I heard the exchange between Al and the ref as to why Trapani didn't have to leave the game when he started bleeding. Basically the ref owned up to missing the foul that led to the blood and let Trapani stay in because of his mistake.

Sean Williams' time with the New Jersey Nets came to a predictable end.

Kuechly was added to another All Bowl team.


matthew2 said...

Looks like Noreen got interest from Marquette, NCState and Butler, along with actual offers from Gonzaga, Wisconsin-GB, Northern Ill and William and Mary.

Eagle All Access also lists Minnesota and Wisconsin as pursuing him...

And heres a picture of him that he wishes wasn't on he internet hahh..

Raj said...

he's 6-8 190? he makes akida mclain look like yokozuna

mod34b said...

The inevitable Sean Williams' failure is no surprise. What is surprising is that he held on so long. Seems like he really wanted to be an NBA player, but there is some deep character flaw -- a demon really -- that vexes him.

So many people tried to help him, but he just could not be reached - at least he could not reached to have enough focus to succeed as an NBA player, not an easy task. I hope he finds some peace in his personal life post-NBA and does not become completely unglued now.

The article had this accurate synopsis of Sean aka "Swat" Williams:

"It never worked out for Sean Williams. And this shouldn’t surprise anyone. One of the lessons learned from the Sean Williams experience is that freakish athletic ability can’t be taught to players. But in the same vain, it’s incredibly difficult to try and redeem someone with so many character issues. Swat had draft lottery talent, but his penchant to make serious mistakes on and off the court will likely keep him from . . . finally realizing his talent."

Dan said...

The optimist in me says Williams is only 23 so he still has plenty of years to physically maintain himself and get another shot if he gets his act together. The realist in me, unfortunately, looks at the innumerable second chances this kid has had and sees this having an even sadder ending somewhere down the road.

WI_Eagle said...

Holy cow....a 36 on the ACT is a perfect score...a la 2400 on the hes got that going for him...

Erik said...

Are students back on campus? Any feel for if there is any enthusiasm whatsoever for the road game against Duke?

Ryan said...

No students are back yet, classes don't start until next Tuesday. I guarantee no one would be excited about this Duke game though, this is the most unlikeable team BC has fielded in many years.

TheFive said...

Tough to care when the team plays and acts like it doesn't.

Dan said...

Well on a more positive note, the current smiting of USC (loss of top skill players, celebrity coach resigning, imminent sanctions and recruit defections) shows that God truly is a BC fan.

mod34b said...

have you checked out Rivals lately?

BC has gone from 2009 rank #70 in recruiting to 2010 #41, right next to GTech and some other ACC teams.

Sombody is doing something right in the recruiting dept! (and so much for the perceived southern edge in recruiting)

CT said...

huh? 7 of the top 10 on that list are southern teams. 8 if you count oklahoma, which recruits texas a lot.

what it should say is that maybe the conference move is paying off, though i don't know if 41 is any higher than we usually do.

more importantly, where are our cherished "bc guys" coming from?

recruit the south for skill more...

CT said...

actually, looking at our list of commits, it looks like business as usual wrt geographical pull.

oh well. wishful thinking.

only one de on the list. hope the guys we have improve a bit.

this is the bball team's fault. talking football recruits four days after the season ended.

mod34b said...

ct -- i know...talking football now is a sure sign hoops sucks -- and it does.

i was a bit surprised to see BC can recruit as well as GT, not that BC could recruit with the big DAWGs of the south.

CT said...

mod, i'd actually be a bit surprised if ga. tech recruited "well" by rivals' standards, if only b/c of johnson's needs for his system. a qb that doesn't throw and wrs that don't catch. could be wrong, though. what tech needs to take the next step is a defense.

noreen avgs 35/20, gets a perfect act score, and goes to high school in a strip mall next to target? do they play in the parking lot? on paper, if ever there were a "bc guy..."

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