Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thoughts on a busy Saturday

I know I advised not to read too much into the Spring Game but I can't help myself. I was most impressed with Mike Marscovetra's progress. He looked much more comfortable in the offense than he did last season. Most of his passes were crisp and he moved the ball with some second teamers. I could see him starting next year. Shinskie didn't look as good. His passes were off and he seemed a little flustered at times. The two freshmen both had their moments. Bordner was more accurate and more conservative. Despite the stats, I liked what I saw from Rettig. He has good form and speed on his throws. His teammates didn't help his stats by dropping some catchable passes. I am very optimistic about next season and if the spring game is any indicator, we are ahead of where were were going into 2008 and 2009.

Herzy did not play, but was happy to be back on the field.

In the day's other big news, the Saints drafted Matt Tennant in the fifth round. That was lower than most projections, but the Saints felt strongly enough about Tennant to trade up to get him. It is a pretty good destination for him as many of the Saints blocking schemes will be familiar. Also they have a QB that makes everyone around him that much better. As predicted, Tennant was the only Eagle drafted this weekend. It looks like most of the borderline guys found good landing spots as free agents. According to the latest reports, McLaughlin signed with Baltimore, Gunnell with Kansas City and Bowman with Denver. It is hard to evaluate or predict how the free agents will pan out, but of those three, I think Gunnell has the best chance to make an early impact. Kansas City has a new offense and Weis liked smart tough, possession types when with the Patriots.

Our Championship hockey team has been about town, including throwing the first pitch out at Fenway on Friday night.

Here is a link to video highlights of Spaz's latest verbal recruit.

If you didn't see my tweet on it earlier, here is the link to the Gunnar Esiason story. We need to get Boomer on TV a bit more next season talking up BC.

The baseball team is having a nice weekend against NC State.


mod34b said...

The NFL draft was pretty disappointing for BC players – just one guy, drafted in 5th round. Here’s how the rest of the ACC fared:

1. GTech -- 4 picked (1, 1, 3, 6)
2. Clemson -- 5 picked (1, 4, 5, 5, 7)
3. VTech -- 5 picked (2, 5, 5, 6, 7)
4. Miami - 4 picked (3, 4, 4, 7)
5. FSU -- 3 picked (1,6, 7)
6. Maryland -- 2 picked (4, 5)
7. Wake -- 2 picked (3,5)
8. UNC -- 2 picked (4,5)
9. UVA -- 1 picked (2)
10. NCSU -- 2 picked (6, 7)
11. BC -- 1 picked (5)
12. Duke -- none picked

I guess if Herzy was healthy, we would have had 2 picks. Nice if we could climb at little higher

CT said...

The SEC had 49 draftees to lead all conferences, while the ACC was 3rd with 31. The Big 12 won the 1st round with 9 selections. The top 13 schools by draftee were the who's-who of college football, with the exception of Iowa and S. Florida. Wonder how many stars those guys got coming out of high school. My guess...a lot.

Nice article on the Esiason's. Thanks for the link. Good stuff.

eagleboston said...

I watched about half the spring game. I don't know that we are further along than the past two years, as I am very concerned about the quarterback position. I agree with ATL that Marscovetra had the best game and I was actually impressed with his play last fall. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that perhaps the most forgotten member of BC's corps of young QB's, Mike Marscovetra, gives BC the best chance at success next fall. Unfortunately, he has very limited game experience.

Other then Montel Harris, I don't know who will be the playmakers on offense. Larmond has potential and I really like Clyde Lee, although he did drop a couple of passes. Someone needs to step up to relieve Harris. BC has a great group of tight ends and McMichael had a monster spring game. Could he finally be healed from injuries and will this be the year he lives up to his rep?

The defense looked great. Halloway and Momah just may give us the pass rush we have missed since Kiwi left. And keep in mind that Momah is only going to get better with experience. Quinn also played well. If Herzlich can return and join Keuchly in the linebacking corps coupled with this young but emerging D-line, look out.

One thing that should be noted is the play of several walk-on players. Spaz seems to be running a very good walk-on program. A kicker, I think his name was Sodic, booted two field goals of over 30 yards. Another walk-on, Alex Currelley, picked off Rettig twice. The running attack was led by another walk-on, Mike Javorski. Not sure if any of these guys will play in the fall, but at least they will help provide depth and push the starters.

Unknown said...

uh oh, looks like a couple guys from the hockey team could be in trouble... luckily it looks like the apathetic to BC sports Boston media didn't recognize the names

neenan said...

t -- you must from BU or a BC hater.. Why else would you take glee in outing your fellow Eagles. uncool.

blist said...

C'mon, minors with alcohol - it's college. Hardly says anything about the characterof the hockey guys (or the other people in the jeep). Thank God the accident wasn't serious, that's dangerous stuff cars and trains - killed a lot of good kids over the years (not at BC, but everywhere). Probably distracted with all those passengers- like a clown car, but maybe not a Wrangler, but a bigger jeep?

Andrew said...

Boomer's on the radio in NYC mornings and mentions BC every once in while. He was talking extensively about it last summer when he drove Gunnar up to school.

Galvin said...

Anyone heard anything decisive/substantive regarding Kevin Noreen? I know ATL linked to the article that states he was reconsidering returning to BC. However, ESPN and Rivals is stating that he was officially released from his LOI and held workouts for other schools. Also, rumor is that we kept Papa Ndao. I hope we pick up that Ben Brust kid and that Noreen chooses to stay.

Erik said...

Oh yeah, Mike Javorski rules.
I enjoyed watching that little guy run.

But definitely I felt best about Marscovetra on Saturday.

mod34b said...

per Pat's draft sight, the Saints have invited:

"Roderick Rollins, CB, Boston College (Tryout)"

evr2xl said...

What's the word on Deuce Finch? Injury, out for the spring?

Wonder if Johnathan Coleman will work out? I hear on and off that everybody is real high on him, but no mention in the spring game write-up.

Or maybe it's just the spring game and it's way too soon. Yeah.

Dan said...

Marscovetra cracks me up. I have a friend who went to his HS and had the chance to see him play before he came up to BC. Never looked bad but the team/ school he came from is so bad that I don't know why any would go to scout there and how they would notice he was good because his teammates were really bad. Either ultimate dumb luck pick-up or someone on the staff deserves credit for a sharp diamond in the rough eye.

Dan said...

Miller kid looks like a great pick up. He's on the ESPN top 150 list and has a pretty impressive list of offers. People get down on Spaz for not being Ra Ra enough but I think he's a solid recruiter nonetheless. Never underestimate the power looking like Sgt. Slaughter has when recruiting teenage guys.

Erik said...

Coleman looked okay. Yeah, okay. I feel like he kept limping off the field every time he got in on the action, but then he'd be back. For all the talk of his athleticism, what I saw doesn't necessarily mean it translates into speed, but maybe just ability to catch and jump.

I'm excited about Brian Miller. It's good to keep a Mass kid at home. Let's keep the ball rolling, any other word of recruits at the spring game?