Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogpoll ballot

The one positive of the noon game is that I get into football mode early and often get to watch a lot of different games. This weekend I caught the end of the Auburn-Arkansas game and it certainly influenced my ballot. I have the Tigers as No. 2. I am still keeping Oregon No. 1 and continue to slight Boise. Even though BC played Florida State close, I think the 'Noles are pretty good and will probably cruise to the ACC Championship Game.

Games I watched

BC-Florida State 100% (twice)
East Carolina-NC State 25%
Michigan-Iowa 25%
Auburn-Arkansas 25%
Alabama-Ole Miss 25%
SMU-Navy 25%
Wisconsin-Ohio State 25%
South Carolina-Kentucky 25%
UCF-Marshall 25%


Chris_Mcdonald said...

Oklahoma state might be one of the worst defensive teams in the country. Any of the the top 5 teams in the SEC would absolutely thump them

Alabama is way to far down. The schedule they have played is obsurd.

I do like that you recognize the strength of Auburn. However, until they fir Ted Roof they will never compete for a National Title. The guy is easily the worst D coordinator in the country. I lived with his BS at GT when we had Joe Hamilton and literally had to score 40+ every game to win.

mod34b said...


The Maryland Depth chart is out.

Few items of note:

1. Back up QB is Marsco. Shinskie is not listed on the depth chart. What does this mean? Did he quit?

2. Dominick LeGrande is not the starting safety. Noel remains the starter. LeGrande, though, is not the back up either....Is his suspension more than a one game suspension?

3. Some musical chairs on the O-Line: Richman moves to guard; Cleary moves to second string and Spinney is the center. Clairborne starts. Bascially, same O-Line that started the season, but Cleary is benched in favor of Spinney

mod34b said...

and, I should add, our ATL predicted the O-line change:

"Not to slight Richman, but maybe Spinney should keep the spot and shuffle Richman back to G"

mod34b said...

i see Shinskie is still listed as injured with a concussison.

CT said...

Yeah, agree with CM. Still think Alabama is the best team in the country. But Atlanta boy Cam Newton is pretty fun to watch. Bet Meyer would love to have him this year.

I wonder what CPJ could do with Joe Hamilton. That was the most exciting offense I've seen. Friedgen was brilliant and Roof's defense was just awful. Break but don't bend. Or maybe it was the bend and break. Hamilton finished 3rd in the Heisman one yr, didn't he?

Chris_Mcdonald said...

CT- I think Hamilton finished second to Ron Dayne bc Ron Dayne broke the all time rushing record or some not very important record. Joking of course.

Hamilton in CPJ's offense would be unstoppable. He can throw 10000000 times better than Nesbitt ever could dream of. I like Nesbitt alot but his passing ages me 5 years with every wounded duck he throws out there. I know its easier said than done but they need to hit up some shorter passes and let the RB's go to work on the linebackers guarding them. Not every play has to be a bomb. It was ok last year bc baybay is a freak of nature and caught everything (except for the ball that hit him in the chest at the end of the UGA game). Are you a Tech fan?

CT said...

Yeah, I root for Tech. Grew up in the 80s going to the games downtown. Had season tix with my Dad for the '90 Nat'l Champ. season. Also went up to the Wake game and down to Orlando to the Citrus Bowl that yr vs. Nebraska, too, and think I probably shed a tear when Rocket Ismail's punt return for a TD was called back late in the Orange Bowl vs. Colorado, costing GTech the AP title. Either that or I threw something. Up. I'm still bitter about that play. The UVA game vs. the Moores that yr was unreal.

I loved J Hamilton. Really respect Nesbitt, even though he can't throw. Tough dude. Takes a beating and gets up.

Big Jack Krack said...

CT - my wife and step son are GT all the way (also like BC of course).

He was Buzz in 96/97 and 97/98 currently living in Sydney, Australia. However, he's back here for a quick visit, and after a visit to his grandmother's in Athens, GA we're heading over to the GT-Clemson game this Saturday.

I actually get a kick out of the traditions there, and the Ramblin' Wreck coming down the hill. etc. Especially when BC goes in there and beats them :-)

I won't be in Boston for the Maryland game, but rooting hard for a victory.