Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recruiting update and other links

One of BC's top targets Brandon Clemons has BC and Pitt in his top two. Clemons has yet to schedule an official visit but plans to after his season is over.

Robert Trudo, who seemed like a great fit for BC, verballed to Syracuse.

Another BC target is Trayion Durham heading to Wisconsin.

Maryland thinks this is a "must win" game.

HD thinks we can rebound from our recent slide and make a bowl game.


eagleboston said...

I'm heading to Beantown to see our boys face the turtles. The second half of the season starts now and here's hoping BC gets its groove back. They have not lost when I have been in attendance since 2000 vs Notre Dame in South Bend. I can't even remember the last time I witnessed a BC loss at Alumni.

Let's go Eagles!

Goberry said...

I know some people live and die by it, but I will never for the life of me understand those who get too wrapped up in recruiting. The only three players I made a note of when they committed to BC were Ross Applegate, Josh Haden, and Billy Bennett. Neither stayed with the team for more than a season or two.

jay said...

I am putting together a minibus trip from Chicago to the BC-ND hockey game this Saturday and have a few empty spots. The bus and ticket combo will come out to about $60/each. BYOB. Ages currently range from 23 to 61. If anyone is interested, please respond and I'll give you my contact info. Thanks!

jay said...

Please also feel free to forward this message along to any friends of yours in Chicago who you think may be interested!