Monday, October 18, 2010

Clemson gametime and other links

The Clemson game will have a noon kickoff on the ACC Network (aka Raycom). Sadly this could be our last televised game of the year. We need to start winning if you hope to see Duke, UVA and Wake on anything other than Syracuse has a chance to be on real TV.

The hockey season started in a strong fashion with a series sweep over Denver in Colorado.

It is interesting that both the beat writers took the bowl eligible storyline today. If they are saying that, it means the staff has hope even if general expectations have been lowered by the losing streak.

Former Eagle Tony Sanchez has a blog on MLB.

HD moved us up in her power rankings.


cwm2005 said...

Jim Noel should have been ACC defensive back of the week.

no conference love for the BC D

Matt said...

wonder how this season would have played out had our ACC schedule been reversed, and we had some early conference games against UVA, Duke, etc. to get some more momentum and make whatever improvements we just seemingly made, before facing V Tech, FSU. If the improvement continues (and Rettig stays healthy) we really can win out. As long as we don't have 20 more Second and 9's next week!

Erik said...

Bill- what is you Spaz/GDF tweet about? Asking Twitter Land or a Bill Simmons style accidental DM msg? Is GDF feeling the heat?

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Ha. Erik, I had the same question.

Spaz really seemed beat up after the FSU game. I'll be very interested to see how they turn out against Maryland. I'm hoping that FSU is the start of a turn around, if we went 8-4, I would not be pleased, but it'd at least be something to build on, get them to a game, and help with recruiting.

I realize that the team hasn't done much to indicate that they're actually capable of an 8-4 year, but I always look at the brightside I guess.

Dan said...

He probably looked down because he feels bad cuz he knows he has to can his 100 year old friend.