Friday, January 28, 2011

Stewart is a Gator and other links

As expected, Graham Stewart, one of BC's prized is headed to Florida. While disappointing, Linebacker is one position where BC can allow a guy to slip away. Our current roster is deep at LB as is our recruiting class. The real question is how will Spaz fill the void. He could move on another prospect but most expect him to save the opening for a later date.

Women's Hockey beat Providence 3-1. The Eagles take on Northeastern on Sunday.

After getting interest from some FBS schools but no offers Matt Ryan's cousin and John Loughery's son has decided to attend prep school. The extra year and success at a higher level of competition might restart things with BC.


mod34b said...

Good luck and good riddance mr Stewart. Does your new verbal"commitment" mean a thing?

"Yeah I did verbally commit tonight," Stewart said over the phone late Friday night. "It was always my dream school, but with the coaching change, that had deterred me a bit.

"But just the overall energy of the place and of course it being Florida, it just seemed to be the best place for me to be to become a better student and a better athlete."

If he needs Florida as a place to be a better student, what was he going to do at BC? He will have plenty of time to study, because he is never getting on the field as an LB!-

But you are right ATL, BC has done well at LB and can afford to lose this guy.

Ry said...

You stay classyBU

Joseph said...

If Florida is his "dream school" e must have been dreaming about BC. He does not sound like a BC guy. Why did we ever try to land him.

rumple said...

I know the SEC, and this kid is making a mistake. Basically, Stewart is the last guy Florida recruited this year. Kinda like being "mr irrelevant" - the last draft pick in the NFL.

Florida needs very good athletes for it's "practice" squad. Graham Stewart will be great practice meat for 5 years. No way he ever becomes a starter. What a dopey kid, he believes his own hype.