Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Herzy passing on UFL and other links

Mark Herzlich predictably decided to pass on the UFL for now. The UFL's contracts didn't allow for immediate release to the NFL, so that would have given him an abbreviated rookie year NFL this season. And based on all the gossip, I imagine some NFL team has let Mark's agent know that there is demand for him as an UFA.

As I tweeted earlier, HD is on the BC bandwagon. She also is tracking some of our players returning from injury.

The ACC named BC freshman Softball outfielder Tory Speer player of the week.

Illinois Lineman is Johnny Caspers gaining interest from BC.


mod34b said...

ATL, it would be nice if ESPN had a real beat writer for the ACC and BC football news, but it doesn't. HD is a ding-dong. As for BC, she seems to just copy what Blaudy writes, and that is about it.

Her coverage of BC is minimal and very thin -- at best.

The best BC football news comes from right here and from BCI.

BC, of course, does itself no favors by not having an effective PR office for football news. (is there even one full time in-house PR guy for BC sports??)

D-Murph said...

i think HD realized that she hadnt posted anything about the current BC football team in weeks (just some articles on Herzlich and Castonzo), so she went a little nuts (by her standards) and posted 3 whole articles in one day!