Monday, August 08, 2011

Day 1 of training camp begins

The season officially started Monday! Aside from the work on the field, the biggest news of the day was voting on the new captains. The team elected Donnie Fletcher, Nathan Richman, Ifeanyi Momah, and Luke Kuechly. I am happy for all of them, especially someone like Momah who has done whatever the team has asked. Kuechly becomes one of the rare junior captains, which is an honor in itself.

Blaudschun made note of the minimal media turnout, but what's the point when BC covers the basics as well as the beat guys. I am glad BC does so much. What the other media need to realize is that there is plenty of BC stories to tell and news to break. They just need to dig deeper.

I don't know if you want to call it an omen but minutes into the practice, the skies opened and the team endured torrential downpours. Fortunately the weather cleared for the remainder of the day.

Here is Blaudschun's recap.

The best way to follow the team's progress might be via Gene's twitter account.

This writer sees us as the 4th best team in the division, with a pretty low upside.


Big Jack Krack said...

I like this quote - “It’s been great,’’ said Rettig. “I feel [Rogers] is the best coach we could have gotten. He’s a great teacher. The offense we’re running now makes a lot of sense. I’m really looking forward to opening the book up.’’

Go BC!

We are much better than what we showed under that has been/had never been Tranquill.

blist said...

If you look back at if we had a competent offensive strategy last year, we would have had a few of those losses be wins - VaTech, Maryland, FSU are three that strike me as ones we should've snagged. Maybe more given how it would have helped our D too by keeping them off the field a little more. I have high hopes for this season (as always)

mod34b said...

Two things to work on in camp: Kickoff and Punt returns.

Here are last year's ACC final stats in those areas (BC is lat in both)


1. Virginia Tech
2. Clemson
3. Virginia
4. Duke
5. Wake Forest
6. Florida State
7. North Carolina
8. Georgia Tech
9. Miami
10. NC State
11. Maryland
12. Boston College


1. Maryland 16.9 avg yards
2. Virginia Tech 12.4
3. Clemson 11.0
4. Florida State 9.9
5. Wake Forest 9.5
6. NC State 9.3
7. North Carolina 8.5
8. Duke 8.2
9. Virginia 6.7
10. Georgia Tech 5.8
11. Boston College 4.6
12. Miami 4.5

mod34b said...

a few more areas to work on!!

(from ACC final team stats)


1. Virginia Tech
2. Maryland
3. NC State
4. Florida State
5. Miami
6. Georgia Tech
7. Virginia
8. North Carolina
9. Duke
10. Clemson
11. Wake Forest
12. Boston College


1. Miami
2. Georgia Tech
3. Virginia
4. NC State
5. Virginia Tech
6. North Carolina
7. Duke
8. Florida State
9. Maryland
10. Clemson
11. Wake Forest
12. Boston College


1. NC State
2. Duke
3. Virginia
4. North Carolina
5. Miami
6. Maryland
7. Florida State
8. Virginia Tech
9. Clemson
10. Boston College
11. Wake Forest
12. Georgia Tech


1. Georgia Tech
2. Virginia Tech
3. Miami
4. Florida State
5. Wake Forest
6. Virginia
7. Clemson
8. Maryland
9. Boston College
10. North Carolina
11. NC State
12. Duke

Big Jack Krack said...

Although I don't like to see us get behind, we will be capable of coming back starting this year. We had no chance under Nyquill.

That might have been the worst hire of an OC in the history of BC football! Look at those stats - and the outcomes were 100% predictable when Spaziani hired 3rd&9quill.

Rogers will be a breath of fresh air - he'll give the players a chance to win by keeping the opponents off balance. If the D shows 8 in the box, it will be TD time.

EL MIZ said...

i second that BJK -- 3rd & 9quil was the worst OC in all of college football last year, and certainly one of the worst hires in BC history (i'm not old enough to say that with certainty). rogers over tranquill is a HUGE HUGE HUGE upgrade.

also, for the flak we give spaz about being a pessimist, i was happy to see this:

"He's making tremendous progress ... He's spending the time, he's putting in the work. He's doing all the things to position himself for a base hit. Now, he's got to go do it."

- BC head coach Frank Spaziani on sophomore quarterback Chase Rettig

Big Jack Krack said...

El MIZ - I think you were the one who coined the "3rd&9quill".

If my memory serves me correctly, I want to make sure you get recognized. The monicker says it all!

Spaz could get this going in the right direction now. Hopefully we have reached our bottom level and can begin our climb back up.

EL MIZ said...

BJK -- i think i did create "3rd and 9quil", i was supporting your sentiment that tranquill killed us last year and rogers is a huge upgrade.

going to week 1 v. northwestern...can't wait!