Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Day 2 and other links

The second day of practice was uneventful. Unlike Monday, the weather cooperated. The team is still not in full pads yet.

Spaz and McGovern know the young players will have to step up and everything cannot be dependent on Kuechly.

HD called Rettig the most improved QB in the conference. I also think Rettig's stats from last season are somewhat misleading. While his percentages and TD to INT ratios weren't great, I think you have to look at them in relation to what he was asked to do. I think you'll see a big jump in efficiency this year.

Another day, another glowing Alex Albright story. I just wish that Rob Ryan didn't have to take a backhanded shot at Herzy while complimenting Albright.

Ryan Purvis is now one of Tampa's more experienced Tight Ends. He should make an even bigger impact this year.

The Colts signed Josh Beekman. I hope he sticks as it would be nice to see Beekman and Costanzo on the same line.

Abner Logan has a BC offer but he is determined to visit other schools.

BC opened as a seven point favorite over Northwestern. Now the line is to BC-3. It looks like the early smart money jumped on Northwestern.


EL MIZ said...

that mcgovern article was a good read. year after year BC has a great D without any big names. this year we have a big name but i expect the same results.

this caught my eye at the end:

"BC officials visited sites in California and were at Kansas State earlier this week to check out stadium surface. Field at BC’s Alumni Stadium will be replaced by next season with a multi-million dollar upgrade project in the work."

Herzylax22 said...

Wouldn't read too much into Ryan's Herzy reference. You never know how the question he responded to was phrased.

Big Jack Krack said...

Just killing a little time before the season starts.

The most important game is the first game - and then the most important is the next one - we all know that.

One game at a time! What are we shooting for? As always, we are shooting for the Division Title first and foremost - we have the talent. Only then can we reach and hopefully win the ACCCG - which we want to win.

NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, especially when you see the ACC Bowl tie-ins - we want to play a game in January 2012!!!!!!:

12/26 AdvoCare V100 Independence
Shreveport,La. ACC vs. MWC ESPN2 5 pm

12/27 Belk Charlotte, N.C. ACC vs. Big East ESPN 8 p.m.

12/28 Military Bowl Presented By Northrop Grumman
Washington, D.C. ACC vs. Navy ESPN 4:30 p.m

12/29 Champs Sports
Orlando, Fla. ACC vs. Big East ESPN 5:30 p.m

12/30 Franklin American Mortgage Music City
Nashville, Tenn. ACC vs. SEC ESPN 6:40 p.m.

12/31 Hyundai Sun
El Paso, Texas ACC vs. Pac-12 CBS 2 p.m.

12/31 Chick-fil-A
Atlanta, GA ACC vs SEC ESPN 7:30pm

BCS Game – no automatic tie in

Let's hope and pray for an injury free year!!!!

Go BC!

Erik said...

Sun Bowl is one of the better options this year (besides BCS). There's no Jan 1 games due to the NFL, so having a Saturday afternoon 2 PM game with those mountains in the background, I think that works great. Not from an fan attendee perspective, but from a TV perspective I like it.
If there was ever a year to hope for Sun Bowl, this is it.

Also, good to see Mr Herzlich still keeping an interest in the Eagles and patrolling the blogs. Good luck to Mark. I might even try to deal with Foxboro on 9/1 if it means seeing Mark play.

EL MIZ said...

here are some highlight video's of guys i hope are involved in the punt and kick return this year:

true freshman curtric "spiffy" evans:


redshirt freshman tahj kimble:


redshirt soph deuce finch:


WI_Eagle said...

From the most recent EPSNBoston article....

Spaziani said the Eagles may need to rebuild the defensive line on the fly. If things don't fall into place with Holloway, Ramsey and presumptive starters Dillon Quinn and Kasim Edebali -- if the D-linemen aren't eating up enough offensive blockers to allow Kuechly, Pierre-Louis and others to fill the gaps and shoot to the ball -- there may be a shift in Spaziani and defensive coordinator Bill McGovern's scheme.

"We'd like to play football the way we've played, because that's our system," the third-year head coach said. "But once again it goes back to coaching: We're not going to ask guys to do stuff just because that's our system.

"We've got to win, we'll do whatever it takes, so we might have to play a little bit different on defense."

Does this imply Spaz/McGovern have some 3-4 defense in their back pocket given our great depth at LB?

Danny Boy said...

Wi_Eagle, I'd love to think that was true, but we brought LB pressure so rarely last year. The only time Herzy or Kuechly met a RB in a gap was when the other team's O-line opened it up. They almost always dropped into coverage on pass plays.

Additionally, I can't imagine we'd go 3-4 (even though our strength lately has been at LB). Neither of our DTs are big enough to play the role of nose tackle, and our DEs probably aren't fast enough to run around the line.

I imagine we're going to have the same bend but don't break defense we've come to loathe and love. In a best case scenario we'll find ways to put pressure on the QB (and I know Spaz wasn't always opposed to a blitz), but I think it'll be more based on player talent rather than scheme.

Big Jack Krack said...

I remember that we brought in a DC from UMASS and Richmond in 1994 - Jim Reid - and we were very aggressive at times.

It was one of the most exciting defenses we've ever had, and we were not afraid to blitz. We held opponents to 14 points per game. You have to go back to Joe Yukica in the 70's to see those kinds of numbers.

He asked BC for tuition remission for his son or daughter and BC denied it. Hence, he went back to Richmond as the HC.

Guess who the Defensive Line Coach was for Syracuse during the 2004 debacle in Chestnut Hill? Jim Reid.

Bottom line, Danny and WI_Eagle - pressure can pay a lot of dividends! I for one would like us to take a few more chances here and there.

Danny Boy said...

BJK, don't take me wrong, pressure on the QB is vital to a sound pass defense. We could drop 11 guys into coverage and a talented QB will still complete passes given enough time.

I would love to see us bring an OLB or even a DB on a blitz. Kuechly has such a nose for the ball, I'd hate for him to get caught up in a group. I'd much rather send the OLBs to shoot any gap on the line.

Dan said...

I think the lack of pressure has been a personnel issue more than a coaching issue. When we had some speedier LBs like Aikens and Francois, Spaz used to bring the heat on 3rd and long

Erik said...

I think you mean "Atkins". He played with Brice and Raja.

Dan said...

Sorry no i - Kevin Akens

When you used to see him start inching towards the line you knew he was going full speed for the qb but offenses almost never did anything about him.

Scott said...

Akins was a nice X-Factor, but still a one-dimensional edge rusher reserved for third-and-long. We couldn't line-up on normal downs when running was a legit option.

I have a hard time understanding everyone's fascination with manifesting a natural pass rush. Sure, I'd love to have one, if all else is equal. But going with lighter edge rushers, and shooting gaps, weakens the run. Virtually every team in the ACC (and most BCS conferences) are run first. Our defense has been one of the best run defenses in the country for several years now, and that's do in part to having immovable DTs, and strong anchors at DE that seal the edge and hold the point. They don't generate much pass rush, but they support the system ... which isn't only good against the run. Our defense is one of the best scoring defenses too.

We "take away the run and control the pass" .... but we've gotten better at it each year. It's not the case anymore that a pocket passer is certain to tear us apart. Looking back the last 3 years, we've held some awesome quality pocket passers with NFL arms under 200 yards, which is getting it done. Mobile QBs are still a challenge, when they are truly a dual threat, but there aren't many.

Anyway, I'd like to see us do it all and look like the old school Ravens/Steelers. But our defense is already top notch, and there is no telling how much we'll lose against the run if we suddenly worry more about playing "exciting" defense, rather than "stingy/physical" defense.

There are a lot of exciting blitz happy teams out there who would die to have our defense.

Dan said...

From my perspective, I was not saying we need to be more exciting, or that we are in any way deficient on defense. I'm talking "first world" problems here. How do you take an A defense and make it A+.