Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alumni's noise and other links

Spencer Hall wrote an interesting post on noise levels in college stadiums. I know much of Alumni Stadium's noise is dependent upon crowd size and passion, but the there are a few inadvertent features that make our stadium surprisingly noisy for its size. The big factors are the narrow sidelines, the closed ends of the stadium and the secret weapon -- the full aluminum stands. All that metal is much less forgiving to sound than concrete aisles and rows would have been.

The Herald caught up with former Eagle Brady Heslip. I know many are saying Heslip could made Donahue's transition easier, but I don't begrudge Donahue for being honest with Heslip. Letting him walk might have hurt this year, but in the end Donahue is going to be judged on how his own recruits develop and win.

Brian Dumoulin, Johnny Gaudreau and Parker Milner all earned Hockey East honors this week. Here is a good article on Milner and the legacy of the BC goalies.

In recruiting news, BC has now offered a pair of teammates from Eire Cathedral Prep. Hayden Rettig keeps piling up big time offers. BC is after the latest Don Bosco star. BC now has more competition for Ohio Athlete Darron Lee.

From earlier in the week: a Q&A with KPL and a interview with Chris Pantale.


mod10aeagle said...

I haven't been able to see Heslip in action enough to begin to guess how he wouldn't fit into Donahue's system. He appears to be a pretty good shooter from beyond the arc, which actually is a big part of Donahue's game, right?

Until we get an explanation from Donahue, and as long as Heslip succeeds at Baylor, I'm going to continue to believe this was a mistake Donahue regrets making. Not that my opinion matters, obviously.

Dan said...

Interesting about the noise. I actually remember a player from an opposing ACC team, don't remember who, saying in an interview about how it can get loud/distracting in alumni and being quite surprised.

Danny Boy said...

Virginia Tech players have said a few times how much they hate playing in Alumni because of the noise (And the throwing things, but mostly the noise)

Knucklehead said...

My Senior year at BC was the year Mike Vick had the 60 yard TD through our defense. Vtech won 49-42. High scoring and close game.

Before the game in the mods some VTech clown was walking aroud wearing a solid rubber turkey hat. It was really heavy looking. I was standing near him at one point so I had a good look at it. I told him the hat was dumb and then spent a couple hours standing on the concrete steps that lead out of the back sliding doors of the mod I was at. That way I could watch the crowd.

Someone hucked a full beer outof the top floor window at him. It nailed the hear of the duck and knocked the hat sideways and alomst of his head. Dropped his Busch Light.

That was a great day.

Boston College lost but they played great on offense. Tim Hasselbach played one of his best games. They just got beat by future Felon. There is nothing they could have done about that.

hsk said...

noise at Alumni....can you imagine? just waiting for that to come back one day...Alumni has been one of the deadest places in America on Gameday.

chicagofire1871 said...

I'm just glad we ruined "Sweet Caroline" for Frank Beamer.

Chris said...

As a Cathedral Prep/BC alum, it's good to see that Prep is producing D1-quality recruits again, and I hope these guys end up at BC. Go Eagles and Roll Ramblers!

John said...

Hey Gene: How are we doing with your hires?