Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spaz talking about the season and other links

Spaz made a rare offseason media appearance and talked continuity as a key to success.

Kelli Stack was named named the 2012 Bob Allen Women's Player of the Year by USA Hockey.

Tony Barnhart has a plan for fixing the ACC.

Former Eagle Dan Koppen is ready to make an impact in the NFL again.


Big Jack Krack said...

"I mean, it can be done here and it will be done. And that's what we need to do. We're in a great place with a lot of advantages that other schools don't have."

I agree, Coach Spaziani - but let's get a move on. Let's take advantage of those things that other schools don't have and establish a very strong recruiting program.

You can put butts in the seats by winning, with an exciting brand of football - not RRPP.

Give our players a chance to win - coach them to win - they'd like that.

BTW - if you start with the excuses again this year - the "lack, loss, limitation" approach - you are gone.

We will not put up with it. Young players want positive leadership - and so do the fans.

The last thing we want in Boston is a crying apologist for a Head Coach.

You said it can be done here - we know that - curiously it has been you who needs convincing.

Let's go Coach Spaziani - Go BC.

Beat Miami.

Dan said...

Let's go Spaaaaz!
Clap clap clapclap clap

Lenny Sienko said...

Spaz's unexpected appearance in off season media could be interpreted either of two ways:

1. Spaz and GDF are so out of touch with reality that they think a few "good guy" interviews will refurbish his image.

2. Something BIG is about to happen and Spaz is starting to spin it now so as to land on his feet.

I expect No. 1 is the case. I'm hoping for No. 2.

is it possible that conference realignment speculation and negotiations over big money has achieved what fans and alums could not; i.e., move the BOT to make some changes?

NEDofSavinHill said...

Barnhart's fix is idiotic. FSU has won the last 3 games it has played against the SEC and it's last 3 bowl games ( ND, S. Carolina and WVU ) The ACC is not fixable or salvagable with the ESPN tv deal. The tv deal dooms all ACC schools to 2nd tier finamcial status in college football. 2. If FSU won 42 straight games including 3 titles it would still be paid 8 to 10 million less per year than Wash.St., Vandebilt, Iowa St. and Indiana. FSU, one of the top programs in the country,would be massively cheated if it stayed in the present arrangement. 3. Colin Powell said one always needs an Exit Strategy. It's time for FSU and all the other teams( sans the N. Carolina schools) to employ a split with the ACC. If the by-laws permit the other 8 teams to waive the exit fee, then that should be done and FSU should lead the formation of a new conference. The Indians who sold Manhatten got a better deal than Swafford and Gdf got for the ACC. Who were Swafford's advisers on that deal? John Edwards and Mike Nifong. 4. Don't accept anything Barnhart says . He is just a shill for the SEC and the status quo. In 2014 the payout to each team from ESPN is 12 mil not 17 mil. Big 10 teams are presently getting over 20 mil. GIVE ME PARITY OR GIVE THE ACC DEATH.