Wednesday, June 06, 2012

BC adds a second QB commit and that's a good thing

Connecticut Quarterback Tim Boyle committed to BC and Spaz Wednesday. There is a lot to like about Boyle (see below), but what I am most excited about is that he is our second QB in this class. In a way I want Spaz to recruit like Noah trying to fill the Ark. We need two of everything! I think depth at key positions in this class is critical, because I anticipate this will be a transition class. If we do make a coaching change, many of our current commits will go elsewhere. By having two QBs in the fold BC hedges on one of them ditching BC if we make a coaching change.

Even if BC doesn't make a change, taking two QBs fits with the Steve Logan/Doug Martin strategy of recruiting two guys. The benefit of taking two a year means that over the course of five recruiting classes, you will have 10 potential QBs. It is a lot easier to find one really good QB and two decent ones when you bring in 10 as opposed to five or six. It is sort of a throw enough stuff against the wall and see what sticks. The guys that don't work out will leave or learn a new position.

What the Recruiting Services think of Boyle

Rivals: ***
Scout: ***
247: ***
ESPN: ***


Thomas said...

I guess this proves BC still sells itself as an institution, regardless of the direction of the football program. Welcome, Tim.

Benjamin said...

There seems to be a shift with recruits this year. All of them have been very high on the coaching and the personal relationships they've developed. I was thoroughly encouraged by this article.

Jeff said...

Hopefully this means Spaz won't leave the cupboard completely bare for whoever replaces him!

Big Jack Krack said...

I like this article a lot.

"I've come to realize it's not about that. It'd be cool to be a Gator but are you going to play? Will you be treated the same way you're treated at BC?"

"My whole family is from Boston. The academics are amazing, the campus is beautiful, the coaching staff is top notch and the offense fits me well. It's everything I was looking for a college. BC has just always be there."

Boyle admits that Florida was an appealing option and turning down a program that has won two national championships since 2006 was not an easy thing to do.......

I continue to believe that there really are "BC Guys" out there and that we can win and be competitive.

I hope your time at BC is everything you hope it will be, Tim.

Go BC.