Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Study: conference moves help academics

BC's move to the ACC still generates criticism. Some old school fans miss Big East Basketball and the media still harps on BC's fit with a "southern" conference. But most reasonable sports measures would deem the move a success.

With another potential shuffle on the horizon, some fans are questioning if BC needs to be in a major conference. The financial commitment and the compromises on the academic side have people wondering what the net benefit is to the University. A new study shows that conference moves and big time sports do benefit the  school as a whole. Schools like BC see admissions become more competitive and see a higher percentage of admitted applicants matriculate to the school.

I worry about what the college landscape will look like in 10 years and where BC will fit, but I think studies like these show that BC needs to be aggressive in our positioning. That mindset has helped make BC the school it is today.

(Thanks to Kevin for the link.)


ScarletEagle said...

One huge variable that isn't really addressed though is the introduction of the Common Application around that time, that made it infinitely easier for HS students to apply, hence raising applicant numbers and "selectivity"

eagle1331 said...

Apparently we got a new commit today, Tim Boyle - QB from CT. 3 star rating on Scout. Actually had impressive offers, including Florida, Pitt, Syracuse, UConn and had heavy interest from Notre Dame, Oregon, and others...