Sunday, June 03, 2012

In case you missed it: some links from the last few days

Virginia athlete Josh Tapscott committed to Spaz earlier this week. He's not highly rated, but I like his upside and picking up a kid in Virginia. BC also offered 2014 QB prospect Trace McSorley.

The Basketball team released their final roster. It includes Dragicevich and updates Kilcullen's for transfer.

One of the stats I do like is returning starters. If there is a real causation, we'll surprise people this year.

BC offered Cincinnati area OL prospect Dylan Wiesman. Regardless of the stars, I think BC needs to keep up a Cincinnati connection in this class.

Ron Brace's was honored by his high school.

Steve Flynn is excited about his walk-on opportunity at BC.

Heights and Lows embraced the idea of football returning to Fenway.


Big Jack Krack said...

I saw what we can do at Miami last Thanksgiving.

Go BC - Beat Miami again - because we can!

Let's go coaches - give these guys a winning game plan - no excuses - no kneel downs - more than RRPP.

Find Pantale and the other TEs, the RBs out of the backfield, and you'll be amazed how open Larmond, Jr., Swiggert, Amidon and company will get.

ModA36 said...

Looking at the basketball roster, it appears to me that we have only 2 returning players (outside of dragacevich) who are truly high level d1 players, Anderson and Clifford. Hanlan's highlights look great, and Rahon can certainly shoot. I hope that coach Donahue can recruit better players in the future. If not, when this large class of sophomores are seniors, they will be lucky to be 500.

NEDofSavinHill said...

BC football teams only seemed to win with a quality QB. Without a good QB they never attained any success. 2. All their talented QBs seem to fall into two categories ( excepting P. Peterson from Utah), LOCAL: Allard, Concannon, Flutie, Hasselback, his brother and St. Pierre or LEGACY Foley and Ryan. So it is encouraging to see the team bring in Flynn and Lowrie. 3. Why is Flynn a walk on if Spaz banks several scholarships ? 3. ESPN lists it's top players all time from the ACC but leaves out two BC guys drafted in the top 10 by the NFL ( Keuchley and Raji). Espn lists Charlie Ward as the best. In 1993 he couldn't have started for BC. Foley led the best offense in the country and beat the #1 ranked team on the road. A task Ward and FSU failed to achieve.

EL MIZ said...

modA36 -- in addition to anderson and clifford, jackson, heckmann, and daniels all proved last year that they were competent d1 players.