Monday, July 02, 2012

Anderson interview and other links posted a Q&A with Ryan Anderson. He talked about his summer break and his new teammates. Hopefully the new guys are as far along as Anderson feels they are.

HD is banking on our experience as a reason we could surprise people this year.

BC keeps hitting Ohio prospects hard. The latest target is Cinci LB Marcus Oliver.

Here is more on future Eagle Dan Monteroso. Monteroso also generated some interest from basketball schools. Maybe Spaz will let him play basketball in the Spring.

This matrix took a different look at the Hot Seat issue. With regards to losing and underachieving, Spaz is not as bad as some of the bigger names on the list.

Former eagles Carolyn Swords and Molly Schaus discussed how Title IX impacted their sporting careers.


EL MIZ said...

i would assume that we are hitting OH-IO with a lot more emphasis because of bollman, the former ohio state o-line coach and offensive coordinator. he was at ohio state for over a decade and youngstown state in the late 80s; i'd imagine his contacts in that state run deep. i guess him and spaz overlapped for one year at virginia in 1991 and that's how we got him? regardless, i'm happy with the uptick in recruiting.

EL MIZ said...

"Joe is kind of a combo guard. He can shoot it really well. He's really smart, has a high basketball IQ and seems to always make the right play with the ball. Olivier is a more dynamic player. He's quick off the dribble and shoots it a lot better than I thought he was going to."

love the descriptions of both players. we will have some good guard depth with those 2, plus daniels and jackson. heckmann can handle the ball as well. coach D's offense needs that sort of depth and versatility.

also, i am really exicted for hanlan. strongest guy on the team as a freshman point??? that is pretty pathetic but i will look at the positive -- (A) it will motivate clifford and anderson and caudill to get their fat asses in shape and (B) i am expecting hanlan to really contribute as a freshman. exicted to watch both him and rahon play.

mod34b said...

El Miz - Doug Martin too has strong Ohio contacts -- he was @ Kent State from 2003-2010 and played QB at Kentucky.. next door to Ohio.

Martin also has recruited MAC players for a long time, which seems to be the kind of guys we are getting... ok, maybe a step above MAC

So the recent Ohio success is probably a combo of Bollman and Martin.

Knucklehead said...

Clifford is so fat he can barely get up and down the court.