Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Key Players for 2012: Dominic Appiah

This is a series on the key players for the 2012 season. Big things are expected for some, while others will need to improve over their previous performances. If 2012 is a good year, it will be in part due to the key players overachieving. 

 Sophomore Defensive Tackle, Dominic Appiah

What he's been: Appiah surprised many last year. Playing for the first time after redshirting his freshman year, Appiah ended up starting most of the games. He made his presence known quickly with the ability to get an inside push and make plays in the backfield. Appiah was new to the inside but he showed natural ability and moved very well considering he played nearly 30 pounds lighter in high school.

What he needs to be: We need Appiah to be like B.J. Raji or Ron Brace. We don't have as many difference makers in other areas of the defense. If Appiah and Ramsey partner to become a dominant force -- like Brace and Raji -- it will create all sorts of opportunities for the rest of the defense. If the two of them can control the line of scrimmage we can become one of the elite DLines in the ACC.

Why I like his chances to shine: It feels like I am head of the Appiah fan club. Spaz doesn't even have him at the top of the preseason depth chart. Of all the guys I have profiled, he would probably be viewed as the least likely to make an impact. He's still young. He's still learning the position and he's still getting used to moving with his added bulk. But I saw enough moments that I believe Appiah can be a great DT. He has the push, the leverage and surprising speed for big guy. Other teams had trouble handling him last year. If Appiah remains focused and works hard, he is going to dominate every interior lineman in the conference. And if Ramsey and Appiah both play well, BC will be a bowl team again.


Goberry said...

On the 10:00 AM SportCenter, Penn State's Bill O'Brien was asked whom he sought for advice regarding what's going on. His response? (note: despite the quotes, I'm paraphrasing) "Well first, my wife. She's really smart, graduated from Boston College. Not to recruit for Boston College, but she's really smart."
Any chance he has an exception to his buyout for BC?

mod34b said...

Good profile ATL.

I agree that Appiah will be an important part of the Defense and likely a "break out" player for 2012.

At the ACC meetings, Ramsey mentioned in an interview that the DL was focusing on improving the pass rush during the off season and making some progress. He said soemthing like "we are working on our craft" - meaning working on technique. Great.

If BC can finally have a credible pass rush and take away time from opposing QBs, the D will be good. Geez, our DBs have gotten so much in-game experience by being bombarded with passes the past few years, they have really improved. If the Dbs have to cover players for less time (b/c of pressure) the whole defense could be excellent.

I do wonder about the Mighty Quinn. While he had a few stellar moments last year, he seems to be an under performer. We need Quinn, Ramsey and Appiah to be a solid, rotating DL group. DEs need to step up too with some serious edge rushing.

knucklehead said...

Max Ricci got some playing time last year also, like everyone else. He could be a good space eater on the line. Ricci, Ramsey, Appiah, and Quinn are a good DT rotation.

I like Brian Mihalik to break out this season as well. Tall, reads the offense quickly, DE who played alot in the last 6 games.

mod34b said...

Goberry - O'Brien and his wife, Coleen were married on the BC campus Click Here ...

We gotta help Bill get out of PSU and back to BC -- he's a natural fit!

Claver2010 said...

Why would we need BOB? We have the best coach in the last 15 years!

On Appiyah, agreed. He was excellent esp for a RS FR last year in a position that usually takes some time to adjust to the college game.

We have pieces on D but there are a lot of holes that I saw in the Spring Game.

EL MIZ said...

BC has always had its most success when the O-line and D-line can control the line of scrimmage. it seems like we are finally getting back to that, and hopefully appiah's emergence is a big storyline as the season goes on.

here is the current depth chart going into the spring:
LT: emmett cleary 6'7 (313)
LG: vardaro 6'5 (312)
C: white 6'5 (303)
RG: harris williams 6'4 (301)
RT: john wetzel 6'8 (302)

d-ends: mihalik 6'8 (233), edebali 6'2 (260), abesmad 6'6 (270)
DT: ramsey 6'3 (290), quinn 6'6 (312), appiah 6'5 (290)

THAT is the BC size that we came to know in the 90s and 00s. control of the LOS is the best way to become competitive again in the ACC.

Knucklehead said...

All those guys played last year and they were not very good. The height and weight figures don't mean anything if they cannot play well together. I would rather have a crew of o-lineman that weigh 270 and can play together then have a crew this size who played the way that they did last year

Hopefully Bollman coached them up