Saturday, August 11, 2012

BC Eagles United launch, Media Day follow up and other links

BC launched a new portal website for their social media called BC Eagles United. Currently it serves as a hub for all of BC's Athletics social media sites and will have games and other rewards opportunities. I don't know if it will take off, but I applaud BC's effort to create a new way to promote BC sports.

Outside of Pantale, Rettig was the main focus of Media Day (Globe and Herald).

Our Brockton DBs have been playing together for five years. Brian Miller and Bobby Vardaro also received coverage from their local paper.

Tom Coughlin and the Jay Fund gave out a college scholarship to a Florida girl. Of course the highlight of her day was meeting Herzy. posted a feature on future Eagle Drew Barksdale.

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JBQ said...

A whole lot of unknowns as we count down toward Sept. 1. Kuechly and Pantale are shadows that have to be overcome.