Friday, August 10, 2012

My post for SI on Spaz and other links

I wrote about Spaz's Hot Seat for SI's Friday roundup.

This is a fair take on BC's gameday experience.

Soaring to Glory has been busy this summer and here is their latest player profile.

CBS covered our key position battles heading into practice.


mod34b said...


"Not much is expected of BC this season, yet the remaining talent, new offense (Spaz’s fourth) and a reasonable schedule may lead to BC being better than the oddsmakers predict. I guess Vegas is counting on Spaz to screw up another close game and turn a potential win into another loss. And when those screwups come, BC fans will just be saying “we told you.”"

Rough stuff

blist said...

You better watch out ATL. Blauds gonna get you on HIS blog!