Monday, October 22, 2012

Kickoff time for Wake and other links

The ACC announced that BC's game at Wake Forest will be a 3:30 kickoff and carried on regional networks (probably the same ones that carried the Georgia Tech game). While I would prefer the ESPN channels, I am encouraged that even during a terrible season our games are getting broadcasts. It speaks to the lasting power of our BC's brand. Imagine what things would be like with aggressive Marketing?

Over the weekend Steve Donahue picked up a recruit for the 2013 class. Garland Owens is a wing player but does bring more of a slashing style of play to Donahue's offense. The idea of becoming a better shooter was one of BC's appeals.

 Hockey East voted Johnny Gaudreau its player of the week.

As everyone noted, the point spread for BC-Maryland has already had some funny shifts.


EL MIZ said...

when can we expect an ND kickoff time? not until next week?

Garland is a nice get for the hoops team; he'll easily be the most athletic player on the team.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

I really like the Don's strategy re Garland.

Vonleh (our dream 2013 target from New England) apparently didn't have us in his final 6. We're just not going to get that caliber player until Don shows that he can win at BC. I have faith that he will, but I don't begrudge a recruit who wants to see results first. So we're going to have to go after lower tier recruits that have more noticeable flaws.

Garland can jump out of the gym (check out his highlight video, he's a great athlete). But he's not highly recruited because his handle is weak and his shot is inconsistent.

From a roster management perspective, I think Don should be targeting 2-3 spots on the roster for this type of player. Donahue knows that he can teach people how to shoot. Just look at what he did for Reggie Jackson (another great athlete with a weak shot and so so handle) who went from like 25% from 3 to over 40% in one year with Donahue's system, and also greatly improved his handle.

I think Donahue realizes he can't teach athleticism, but he can teach shooting and can teach it well. Players that have the athleticism and are willing to work on their shooting skills like Garland (who specifically stated he chose BC over Seton Hall because of Donahue's reputation for teaching shooting) will be a huge boon to our roster in the long term. If 1 of these guys pans out in a big way, they can be the game changer that takes BC to another level with Donahue at the helm. Here's hoping that Garland is that guy.

Matt said...

looks like he has a nice feel for the game too - ie offensive rebounds, help defense shot blocking, touch around the hoop. excited for him to join the team. think there are some good things to come for the bball program

Big Jack Krack said...

One more half-decent 7 footer to help Clifford. :-)