Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Hughes to Oklahoma and other links

Former BC baseball coach Pete Hughes -- who recently survived a heart attack -- is leaving Virginia Tech to coach Oklahoma. From a baseball perspective, this is a major step up. It is also a huge salary boost. When Hughes left BC, it was because he wanted to go to a program with a commitment to baseball. He turned those resources into a Virginia Tech NCAA tournament appearance. I don't think many of us realized what Hughes would accomplish after he left BC. Best of luck to him and I hope that if BC makes a commitment to baseball, we will finally end our current tailspin.

Jared Dudley was part of a huge, three-team trade in the NBA. He's now a Los Angeles Clipper. I am sorry for the BC Club of Phoenix, since Dudley was a nice presence locally and was fairly active. But for Jared this is great news. He joins a team that wants him and returns to Southern California. The Clippers should be one of the better teams in the West and Jared will get to be a critical contributor again. Los Angeles is not a bad place to build your growing media career too.

BCEagles.com posted a Q&A with former star Victoria DiMartino.

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JBQ said...

Dudley (not always DooRight at BC) has always acknowledged his BC connections. Once that he made "the big time", he has been very gracious.