Monday, July 01, 2013

Rettig respect? and other links

I've read multiple previews that put Chase Rettig at the bottom of ACC QB Rankings. Even if you don't think much of him, I don't think his track record should put him at the bottom. Thankfully this post puts him in the middle of the ACC pack. I will have my QB preview later this week, but I think Rettig is a pro prospect and one of the better QBs in the ACC.  But all BC fans should prepare themselves for Chase's stats to decline this year. It won't be him though. It will be our offense.

Temple fans are not as enamored with Addazio's Vines and catch phrases as BC fans are.

Recent commit Ty Schwab says he's been a BC fan since he was a little kid.

Minnesota basketball transfer Joe Coleman will not becoming to BC.


JBQ said...

Just think what the "surfer dude" from California went through with a new o.c. each year. I think that he is very good and could blossom into a star this year with the right amount of TLC from the new coach. If he survived Spaz, the "world is his oyster".

John said...

We hope Addazio works out well for BC and it sure looks good so far. Sorry Temple.

mod34b said...

Two things: 'Golden Eagles' and the NFL

1. The publication does not know BC's name? WTF! "While Rettig couldn’t keep the Golden Eagles from an atrocious 2012 season, he certainly wasn’t the main culprit" Really, SI?

2. I do not see Rettig as NFL material. He is just too slow. He can't outrun anyone. His 40 time was close to 5.0 ( See This ) Now that his knee seems worse, I think his 40 time is more like 5.2. Way too slow for NFL.

JBQ said...

The article states that Chase is 28 out of 132 qbs rated. I think that this is pretty good from a 2-10 team. This could be a big surprise.