Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rettig feature and other links

I thought this was a good feature on Chase Rettig. I would love to see the stacks of playbooks he's kept. An enterprising TV producer will get a shot of the binders and put it on during a game this year.

BCI and a Wake Forest blog are helping a food bank. Find out more here. 

Dan Koppen tore his ACL. Given his age and injury history, this might mean the end of his career. 


JBQ said...

I did see where the 34 yr old tore the ACL in his left knew. He had just signed a one year contract for 900K+. I would be curious to know if anyone knows what the payout and workman's comp figures would be. He is through for the year obviously. However, what will he be paid?

Scott said...
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Scott said...

It depends on the guarantees and contingencies in the contract, which are probably rather specific/favorable for a seasoned vet (expected to play/start) in 1 year contract, particularly since injured reserve and PUP status aren't viable.

Without contract guarantees, the payout is affected by the probability of making the team if not for the injury. I pretty sure Koppen will get it all. The trickier problem are preseason injuries to low draft picks and un drafted free agents who re unlikely to make the team. You're not supposed to cut players until they are healed, but there is an injury settlement process in the CBO.