Monday, July 29, 2013

Crazy Predictions: A Season Preview. Part 4: BC will win three road games

Having been at this a long time, I try to keep things fresh. For this year's Season Previews I am going to make a few outlandish predictions based on my hunches. 

The media thinks BC will finish last in the division. Vegas has a little more optimism but still puts our win total at 4.5. People close to the program think it would be a miracle if we got to six wins. I am not ready to publish my game-by-game predictions, but I do think we are going to be a good road team this year.

I like Doug Martin and respect his familiarity with our roster, but we will beat his New Mexico State team in Las Cruces. They are terrible. Road games can be tricky but by November, when we play them, we will be battle-tested and have a much better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. Our talent is not BCS level, but it is still much better than New Mexico State's. This game will be a "W."

The Aggies only count for one victory. Our others are a bigger question mark. I don't think much of USC but the talent disparity is in their favor and playing in the Coliseum is tough. At Clemson seems very unlikely at this point. We've never beaten North Carolina as a member of the ACC. That leaves Maryland and Syracuse. 

We finish our season with the Terps and Orange on the road. I know that each game is an individual event, but I do think confidence and early success can impact how a team plays later in the season. I wish we played these two earlier. We very well could enter the stretch at 2-8. But that is where I think the new coaching combined with the veteran team helps. I know Addazio will be pulling out all the stops to get a few more wins. I also know that our seniors will want to end their disappointing careers on a high note. I think we will be super motivated. Conversely, I also think Maryland could be in a fragile state. It is their final ACC season and they could very well be ready to fire Randy Edsall. Syracuse is at a more stable position, but you never know how they will be after a 11 games with a new coach and new conference. 

I think three games are very winnable Maybe we will even surprise one of our other road foes. Either way, we are getting to three road wins. 

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