Saturday, July 20, 2013

What to expect at the ACC Media Days

The ACC kicks off its Media Days Sunday. The event is actually a decent opportunity for BC. With so much of the assembled media not from New England, this is one of the few times we will ever get coverage in traditional ACC country. Plus our representatives usually come off well and it gets noticed. This is also Addazio's first time representing BC among the conference media. I expect them to welcome his passion and candor. Joining the coach will be Chase Rettig and Steele Divitto. The team usually selects seniors whom they expect to have a big season, so view it as a vote of confidence for both players.

There will be plenty of coverage on all different outlets, so look for these themes and questions as the events unfold.

-- Addazio getting asked a lot about Tebow and Hernandez. This is the most predictable portion of the weekend. Fortunately Addazio is used to it by now. I expect him to give generic non-answers and when appropriate steer the conversation back to BC.
--Steele Divitto to make an all conference team. The QB position is too much of a logjam for Rettig to get on a preseason ACC team, but I think Divitto will. Don't mistake his votes for respect among the ACC Media. Many times players who attend get an added boost because they are top of mind.
-- Everyone to get asked about Boston Strong and the Marathon. With the way our collective memory works, many have already forgotten about the bombing, but I think the media will ask...even if it is just as simple as "how did not having a Spring Game impact your preparation?"
-- BC folks will be asked non-nonsensical questions about Pitt and Syracuse. Someone will ask something about the new "northern" schools joining in some fashion since BC is still viewed as the odd duck by many old-time ACC reporters. The only issue I have is that none of our current players ever went through a conference switch and don't really have a relationship or rivalry with Pitt or Syracuse.
-- The voters will put BC near or at the bottom of the division. Expectations are low. Very low. I don't care though. I just hope Addazio can use it as motivation.


Big Jack Krack said...

Got my tickets to LA - getting excited. Not looking past Nova or WF either. One at a time.

Saw a preliminary roster with some position changes - quite interesting. For instance, Kaleb Ramsey at DE.

Go BC.

WI_Eagle said...

Media guide out with preseason depth chart -- few items of interest -- Ramsey at starting DE and Abdesmad at starting DT -- Ian White at starting RT -- also, Marcus Grant (Iowa transfer) on the 2-deep at WR.