Monday, August 12, 2013

ACC W-L predictions and other links

Matt Hinton went team-by-team in the division to predict records. He settles on 5-7 for BC (which seems to be a growing consensus).

The players are saying the right things about taking the names off of the jerseys. I don't mind. I am sure it can and will change back in the future. We didn't have names on jerseys when I was a BC student.

The Heights puts some numbers behind our depth issues. It is not pretty.

Soaring to Glory took a look at our WRs.

ESPN put the spotlight on future Eagle Isaac Yiadom.


BCDisco said...

It's a bit of a nuisance while watching on TV and not being able to read the names, but I still like the move. But please, let's not do something silly like put a silhouette of Mass on the backs of the jerseys.

Lally said...

Heck, the names on the new Under Armour jerseys were pretty much un-readable anyhow.