Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crazy Predictions: A Season Preview. Part 4: We will ruin the ACC's chance at a BCS Title game

Having been at this a long time, I try to keep things fresh. For this year's Season Previews I am going to make a few outlandish predictions based on my hunches.

Some team will have to play the winner of the SEC in the BCS National Championship Game. Lately I've been reading more experts who like Clemson's chances to get to the game. The only other ACC team with a high enough profile and difficult enough schedule to get into the national title picture is Florida State. The 'Noles and Tigers have a lot  in common. Their biggest obstacle is each other in a top-heavy ACC, they both have stockpiled talent to earn national recruiting respect, and they both can impress voters and computers by beating the SEC teams on their schedules. But unless you are an SEC team, you pretty much need an undefeated season to get into the National Championship. That means no trip-ups. Can they do it? I have a hunch that BC might be the underdog that can ruin a championship resume.

I don't know which actual game we will win, but there are enough elements to make me think it can happen. First there is our team. We have plenty of senior experience and put up yards on lots of teams last year. I think we will move the ball again. Then on defense you need a scheme that can catch another team off guard and forces a lot of big plays. That combo of efficient offenses and risky taking defense gives us a "puncher's chance" in any game.

Then there are the factors against Florida State and Clemson. FSU has played down to the level of their opponents at times under Fisher. I've underestimated Swinney for a long time at Clemson, but he's yet to prove he can avoid a hiccup during the season. I like where we fall on their respective schedules too. Florida State should come into our game undefeated and probably untested. After playing a series of cupcakes they may believe they can walk through our game too. Clemson is less likely to sleep walk through our game -- especially if we have looked tough on film -- but we do play them right before they take on Florida State. They could be looking ahead.

Thinking BC will pull off a major upset this season is not unique. Addazio is an emotional coach and these guys are desperate to win. One game this season things will fall into place. I just think that when it does, it will be against the ACC's best.


NEDofSavinHill said...

FSU is at home. They will be using a first year QB, There is a chance. Forget Clemson in South Carolina with maybe the best QB in the country. Too difficult. If Bordner plays instead of Rettig the outcome won't be any worse. Rettig, last year, won one game against a Div. one opponent( the Terps with their fourth string QB). He lost the other ten.

JBQ said...

The first game against Villanova will tell a lot about chances down the line. Villanova is a very good lower division opponent.

Joseph said...

Rettig lost that other ten? No other players? No coaches? Moron.

eagleboston said...

With a new coach, the prediction game is impossible. You just don't know how he will be in game-day situations and you don't know if his vision is sticking with the prior coach's players. The biggest issue I see is that this team literally does not know how to win.

I agree with JBQ. We will learn a lot more after the Villanova game.