Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last scrimmage update and other links

Addazio sort of curtailed his scrimmage a bit and turned it more into a partial scrimmage and partial practice. The Heights and Globe both had write ups. The big concern is Bordner's continued absence, leaving Walsh and Marscovetra to battle for the back-up role. There is also no clear No. 2 at running back. Addazio was vague when explaining Moore's injuries, but he will miss the year.

Big things are expected of Reggie Jackson this season in OKC.

The ACC soccer coaches picked BC to finish 8th overall in the conference.

Mack Lowrie is adjusting to FBS football.

I mentioned this on the blog, but it is worth noting that Bruce Pearl's NCAA suspension is up a year from now. If Donahue struggles, Bates will have to at least explore Pearl as an option.


mod34b said...

Earth to ATL ... Earth to AtL ...

Bruce Pearl was fired and suspend for serious ethical violations. He lied to the NCAA and obstructed the NCAA investigation by having his assistants mislead and fabricate.

You really think Pearl (BC '82) should be on BC's radar?

Oh my.

Claver2010 said...

Eh not too concerned about Bordner. If Rettig goes down we're f'd anyways.

Big Jack Krack said...

I hope Moore is okay for the long run.

Also, I feel bad for Swigert, because he's a really good receiver and special teams punt receiver, etc. who I feel was mis-managed by Spaz and the medical staff. I hope he comes back next year.

If Bordner can't get back for awhile, and Chase goes down, I'm probably good with the decision to go with Walsh over Marscovetra - but who am I?

Where does Lowrie fit in - redshirt? Is Suntrop staying or going? Is he hurt?

On another note, I don't think Bruce Pearl is a good choice for BC at all and agree with Mod.

Go BC - let's get it back!

Big Jack Krack said...
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JDK said...

ATL - I know it is too early to think about but who are options for BC (besides Pearl) to coach in case Donahue continues to struggle. Back to the Al Skinner coaching tree?

Joseph said...

Donahue continuing to struggle? Most think that he was building a team and things were heading in the right direction. I agree. For whatever reason he started with almost nothing and this year and next should bring some decent teams.

JDK said...

Joe - should clarify, the team continues to far from the NCAA tournament. While I haven't liked Donahue from the get-go after the Heslip situation he has brought in some nice players. If he can't get a bubble team together this year it is time to start thinking alternatives. Just seeing if ATL had any ideas.