Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hockey wins; Let's not talk about Basketball

Despite playing on the road on a Tuesday night, the Hockey team beat Merrimack 4-1. Gaudreau kept his scoring streak alive and the team extended their unbeaten streak to 10 games.

Back at home things weren't as good. Basketball hosted a terrible Georgia Tech team in front of a lot of empty seats at Conte. Did they build on their recent momentum? Did they jump on a bad team? Did Hanlan build off of his career day against the Jackets? Of course not. Instead they played some of the worst D we've seen in the Donahue era and fell way behind. Lonnie Jackson got hot in the second half to make it interesting, but BC faded (again) and lost by 8. It was terrible loss on many fronts. I will have more on it in the coming days.


Matt said...

Heckman looked ok in more minutes than he has seen in awhile. Is Owens still hurt? I don't understand his 1 minute a game. This far into the season and still doesnt seem like Donahue can figure out his rotation, something is wrong there.
Along with the poor D in the first half, the offense still looks lost. How many times can they run around the perimeter and hoist a terrible shot as the clock expires before they figure it out? Zero FGs for Anderson? Yikes. Isnt this offense supposed to be about movement, cuts, and finding good shots? Rahon's dribble around down the baseline is a turnover waiting to happen. The guys have played good stretches in every game and seem to be trying hard and competing, I wish they had a better coach at the helm. Wonder if even Duke will get students in the stands at this point.

Big Jack Krack said...

Here's the story - a look at the final score and BC loses another game by a respectable score.

We have a whistling coach who is a nice guy, and we're not getting blown out for the most part. T
hat we are once again the doormat in last place is not the point.

We are a respectable program.

Who looks at the standings? Certainly not the Athletic Department or the President's Office.

We are BC.

What's more to want?

mod10aeagle said...

Watching that damn weave at the three-point line is just more than I can take. And the complete lack of one-on-one defense is just shocking. Reminds me of my first year of coaching when we had to split time between teaching fundamentals and tactics and it took forever to become proficient at either. This team still isn't. Or rather, no longer is.

Bravesbill said...

GT started the game shooting 14-16 from the field and shot 17-23 in the entire first half! Worst defense I've ever seen.

WI_Eagle said...

They don't even apply basic fundamentals on defense. Low to the ground? -- Nope. On the line, up the line when off the ball? -- Nope. Front the post? -- Nope. Close out high? -- Nope. Shuffle the feet when moving laterally? -- Nope.

They really look like they're asleep on defense...never seen anything like it in college basketball.