Tuesday, January 21, 2014

THass on staying local and other links

I am not sure why ESPN asked Tim Hasselbeck about his college decision, but it makes sense. Like all of our other recruiting issues with New England, I never understood why more guys didn't have local pride and/or a desire to stay home.
This is not BC-specific, but it is an interesting read on Creighton's prolific 3-point attack. It is too late to adjust midseason (and probably too late for his time at BC) but I feel like something this overt would have served Donahue well, instead of our current motion offense with an emphasis on outside shooting.

We are not the only ACC team that will start a Florida QB this fall.


JBQ said...

2 nights ago, Creighton went up by 40 at Villanova. Villanova had cut a 28 pt lead to 12 at halftime. One of the Creighton shooters had 9 3s out of 13 (Vragge). The key issue here is that Creighton shot out of their minds from beyond downtown. Nevertheless, the coach's son Doug McDermott is a big man inside. They have both. BC is overcoached. They also have no inside presence. The Creighton shooters all look like mountain men. BC wants to use screens instead of height. Donohue is well intended and coached well in the Ivy League. However, size is the difference. That is why Donohue's system doesn't work on a greater level. They don't have the size.

eagleboston said...

I have followed McDermott since he played at Ames High. Can you believe that team had both McDermott and Harrison Barnes (former North Carolina and current Golden State player)? No wonder they won 2 straight state titles. And McDermott was the second fiddle to Barnes.

Bravesbill said...

Rahon is so bad. He has regressed so much from last year. He can't shoot and had multiple bad turnovers tonight. Nice run to get close in the second half but 4 possessions in a row killed them. All resulted in terrible shots when they could have tied or taken the lead. Donahue of course didn't take a timeout to set anything up. He couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag at this point.

CT said...

23 of 52 shots for three. Out rebounded by 12.

So, yeah, how's that hockey team looking?