Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jersey commit, NHL Draft and other links

BC added another WR to the recruiting class on Friday. New Jersey WR Nolan Borgersen set records last year and recently improved his speed. Hopefully he'll be as productive as our last under the radar recruit from Westwood -- BJ Raji.

Although he went high to Columbus, future Eagle Sonny Milano is committed to playing for Jerry York next year. Vancouver drafted Demko, which seems appropriate given their familiarity with BC goaltenders. The Devils' draft pick Joey Dudek is also committed to playing at BC.

This MAC blog is already previewing the BC-UMass game.

Remeber David Sills? He's the former 7th grader who verballed to USC. Now that he's older and Lane Kiffin is not around, Sills is not headed to USC. BC offered a scholarship, but most expect him to go to West Virginia.

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