Monday, July 11, 2016

BC sending Milano, Willis to ACC Media Days

BC named Matt Milano and Myles Willis as the Defensive and Offensive representatives at next week's ACC Media Days. As always with these things, this assignment is a bit of an honor and a bit of an indicator.

BC tends to send Seniors who can represent the school well and who have earned the special recognition. But they also want to send some of their best players as the media gatherings are a way to build up name recognition and help in getting individual and conference awards. Milano is not a surprise. He had a great season last year and is poised to be the team leader this year. Willis has certainly earned the right to go, but picking him also tells me that there are still huge question marks about the other offensive players. Sending either QB would be messy. When healthy Hilliman will get more carries than Willis. Is he not healthy yet or did they want to give Myles the shot now and Hilliman in the future?

Both guys will handle themselves well. I hope that they also use this sort of responsibility and motivation for a great season.


tweigman said...

BC also has tradition of sending worthy seniors -- both are seniors

dixieagle said...

They'll both represent BC well. Have closely followed Myles and hope he has a breakout senior season... good kid.