Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Hockey departures and other links

As you've probably noticed, the BC Hockey team lost a lot of players this summer. Seven left and we are without any juniors. It is a big hit and even in BC's constant "reload" mindset, this is still an adjustment. But it is also the price you pay for having such a talented roster. 

This was actually a good ACC Media Preview precisely because it addresses the major issues in a way Addazio will not. 

I am used to our team receiving low rankings, but now our uniforms too?

The Saints expect big things from Edebali. 


SaturdaysOnShea said...

Chrome gold on the helmet, as referenced in the uniform article, is what ND went with so I'll stick with ours.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think our unis look good. No need to change. Only thing I would do is have the throwback unis that we wore against notre dame be an annual thing.

Joe said...

I've been surprised that UA has t added some small features to the uniforms to increase the marketability of the jerseys, but overall I think they work. I agree that UA should make an annual third and/or throwback jersey. Maybe something outside the box for the 1AA game or out of conference home games or something.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I would prefer when they need to switch out the helmets to replace the mustard with the true gold used in prior years with the stripe - but not the over the top stuff used by ND and Baylor. But if they win - I don't care if they wear tutu's.