Sunday, July 10, 2016

CFN predicts each game on BC's schedule

How does 6-6 sound? That's what College Football News predicts for BC's season. After last year that would be an improvement, however, it would still seem hollow. As part of the prediction they expect BC to go 2-6 in ACC play.

6-6 does not allow for even one upset. I hope that our style of play and improved offense allows BC to steal at least one game. Think of some of the close games from last year. Something should have broken our way. If Addazio can't pull out any close games, then you really have to start questioning his game management abilities. 

CFN does not get into Bowl predictions, but 6-6 would make BC eligible and likely headed to a bowl game. Whatever it takes to get that seventh win and over .500. 


mod34b said...

a fair review by CFN. 2-6 in ACC play is probably right. Not so sure we will beat UConn. per CFN, OL is the biggest issue. i agree.

CFN identified as BC's key player: a player who has never worn a BC uniform and never played a snap for BC.

"Key Player to a Successful Season; Senior OT Jimmy Lowery. Lowery hasn’t even gotten to campus, yet he’ll play an integral role on the 2016 squad, an indication of the current state of affairs in the trenches. Boston College needs a fresh infusion of talent and a new course up front."

An untested mystery man is the KEY to success. No one has any idea how he will fare against ACC DE/DL - who will be quicker than he has seen to date. A slight difference in quickness is huge. but what about the rest of the OL - not good last year.

ATL it is all about the Ol. any insights?

EagleOutDere said...

Last year we had our OL hopes resting on William Harris (featured in pre-season ACC show) and Frank Taylor (well regarded recruit who was to emerge from Gallik's shadow). To say the least, both had disappointing seasons.

This year we have some optimism about Aaron Monteiro (see Daz gushing about him post-spring game), Chris Lindstrom (self reporting at 300 lbs and still able to dunk a basketaball), and Jon Baker (on watch list for best-center award). Then there's Lowery. If all come through, then there should be a major upgrade in the O-Line.

Geezer eagle said...

Hope so. Last year they couldn't block the sisters of the emaciated skeletons.

ccw said...

Start questioning his game management abilities? Where were you last year?

SaturdaysOnShea said...


William Harris, DB #41

Harris Williams, OL #64

EL MIZ said...

i would say the key to success for Addazio's career is whether the new group of incoming offensive linemen show promise. Lowery will be fine, but if we don't see major improvement from Monteiro, Lindstrom, et al, Addazio is toast. (if i had to guess, i think we'll see improvement on that end)

Mod, a friendly reminder:
Year 1 - Addazio exceeded expectations
Year 2- Addazio met expectations
Year 3 - Addazio vastly underperformed expectations

remember when Andre Williams set conference record for rushing yards? OL was pretty good that year. remember when Tyler Murphy set conference record for QB rushing yards? OL was pretty good that year. OL being a dumpster fire is the exception, not the norm.

Bravesbill said...

"If Addazio can't pull out any close games, then you really have to start questioning his game management abilities." We couldn't conclude this from last year?

mod34b said...

El Miz - did I mentioned Daz? Nope.

and I disagree with your point on Year 1 and 2. He was the king of average in his first two years and the prince of misery in his 3rd year. not expecting much in year 4 -- you know like a winning ACC record; beating an ACC team with a winning record; competing in the ACC.

in 2013, BC was 12/14 in ACC total offense vs ACC team. In 2014: 12/14

Nationally vs FBS team BC was #88 in 2012 and #90 in 2013. You think that is good?

Daz is not a good OL recruiter and not a good OL coach. And that is supposedly his strong suit.

JBQ said...

@mod34b: What about that second honeymoon? Is it over already?

mod34b said...

@jbq - BC is giving Daz another chance (not firing him for going 0-8). Let's hope he makes the most out of it.

are you confident that he can change? I am not, yet I 'hope' he does great. No one wants to watch another year of sad-sack football.

* correction

Nationally vs FBS team BC was #88 in 2013 and #90 in 2014.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

Serious question: Would you right now rather have Spaziani or Addazio?

Geezer eagle said...

That's like asking Hitler or Stalin? Both monsters. Pick your poison. BC will only return to Top 20 level play if the administration breaks with their conservative past, goes outside the box and hires a proven winner like Miami did with Mark Richt .

Bravesbill said...

I'd take a big swig of cyanide before making the call of Daz over Spaz, simply for the fact that BC hasn't lost to an Army-level program...yet.

Kash86 said...

SoS, the answer isnt that simple, he is Spaziani. Thus the constant defense of Spaziani recruiting and denial of the fact that Spaziani dropped an atomic bomb on this program. Anyone that would pick Spaz doesn't get how bad recruiting and roster construction were under him, he set BC back years, essentially putting them on probation without doing anything wrong.

mod your statistics are great but you're conveniently overlooking the fact that BC was a dropped pass and a blown defensive possession away from going 9-4 in 2014 (and the FSU game was winnable but lets leave that alone for now and the blown win/lead vs PSU, 2 losses caused by Don Brown who you have continuously said deserves all of the praise for BC defensive draft picks the last few years).

Keep backing up your anti Addazio agenda with BS from last year. If you're too stupid to realize the magnitude of the injuries at the most important positions on the field combined with the holes left by Spaziani, then I don't know what to tell you.

mod34b said...

S-o-S, fortunately, I need not chose dumb vs dumber.

I looked back on 2012 for some of the other names floated for BC coach. It was not a good class of coaches, and Daz is the second worst of the bunch

1. Jim Chaney, offensive coordinator, Tennessee - never HC
2. [hot seat #21] Dave Clawson, head coach, Bowling Green Wake -6-18
3. Bob Diaco, defensive coordinator, Notre Dame - UConn 8-17
4. Dave Doeren, head coach, Northern Illinois NCSU 18-20
5. [4 on hOT SEAT] Darrell Hazell, head coach, Kent State Purdue 6-30
6. Butch Jones, head coach, Cincinnati Tenn 21-17
7. [hot seat #30] Kliff Kingsbury, offensive coordinator, Texas A&M 19-19 T Tech
8. [hot seat #25] Chuck Martin, offensive coordinator, Notre Dame Miami of O 5-19
9. Todd Monken, offensive coordinator, Oklahoma State 13-25 S Miss terminated
10. Pat Narduzzi, defensive coordinator, Michigan State Pitt 8-5
11. Sonny Dykes (Louisiana Tech Head Coach) Cal 14-23
12. [hot seat #37] Neal Brown(Texas Tech OC) Troy 4-8
13. Mike Leach(Washington State Head Coach Wash St 21-29
14. Willie Taggart(Western Kentucky HC) S. Fla 14-23
15. Brent Pease(Florida OC) never an HC
16. Pete Lembo 33-29 at Ball State, terminated
17 Greg Roman - Never a head coach
18. Al Golden - 33-245 Miami fired.

[5th on HOT Seat] Daz

mod34b said...

Superfan/Kash - you remind me of Baghdad Bob. Remember him. hysterical. All is well., We are winning! Do not believe imperialist Bush! Daz is King

First you trot out "the Spaz attack" -- 4 years into the Daz error. Laughable. Daz knew of the OL problem in Dec 2012 and did shit about it for 2 years. He got an F for recruiting Ol in his early tenure. an "F". Now the chicken have come home to roost, and the excuses are flying.

BC is a dropped pass from glory..... really now. Well isn't that why they say football is a game of inches. Daz is always a several inches short of glory.

and the now the new "magnitude of the injuries at the most important positions" - like the incompetent frosh OLs (oh wait they did not get hurt) Harrison Willimas was hurt.. right... that's it...

then you say "then I don't know what to tell you" I have a suggestion: the truth that Daz sucks as a recruiter, in-game tactican and head coach.

mod34b said...

ps. Kash - I've never defended Spaz. He was horrible. I have compared Spaz in ability to Daz as evidence that Daz blows.

EL MIZ said...

Mod - lets do some simplistic math since that's what you seem to love.

Year 1 - OL was good
Year 2 - OL was good
Year 3 - OL was bad.

2 out of 3 were good, 1 out of 3 were bad. by my math, thats 66% and 33%. if i had to guess, i would think Year 4 regresses to the mean and the OL is good again. just looking at last year anecdotally, notwithstanding the roster mismanagement by Addazio, last yr we had the worst of the lot leftover from Spaz and true freshman. Daz's failure to prepare for that is bad, but that was also a bad recipe. add to that all of the scholarship QBs getting hurt and the best RB getting hurt and predictably the offense wasn't good. this year we have those freshman another year stronger and fatter, a transfer who should help, and the Spaz retreads out the door.

Daz is an OL coach so there's really no excuse for 2 straight years of subpar play from the OL. given how good the OL was in years 1 and 2, i think there is some reasonable hope for success.

also, you can keep trotting out your silly "12 out of 14" in total yards stats - the fact remains we had a guy up for the Heisman and a QB set the record for rushing yards. those don't happen without a good offensive line. if you want to spend all day re-sorting old ACC statistics, be my guest, but from my recollection (and the confirmation of many on this board who seem to agree with me) those first 2 years the offense was able to move the ball, we had an actual identity and game plan (hint - you don't rack up a ton of yards or points when your entire gameplan is to pound the defense into submission) and by and large we were successful in winning games (we won more than we lost) and keeping games close (other than 1 or 2 games all were decided in the 4th q).

Geezer eagle said...
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Geezer eagle said...

I think I'm watching this blogs version of the Hatfield's versus McCoy's . Boys, boys, boys. The bottom line is both coaches sucked. The result: BC is now, at best, a midlevel MAC team that probably would struggle to win the Ivy League.

mod34b said...

g.e. el miz and Kash, among others, are somehow insiders and/or apologists for the status quo. it is what they do.

They look to make excuses for the poor state of affairs (injuries, youth, bad luck, spaz did it) or recast embarrassing football history in a rose-colored light (being the worst is not really that bad).

#makeBCgreatAgain is all I ask.

Geezer eagle said...

Mod, buddy, calm down. You are letting another bloggers irrational opinion get under your skin. Take a breath and join me in a vodka and tonic.

mod34b said...

g.e. I am and was calm. very calm. eerily calm. no booze needed. it is only a blog. right.

Geezer eagle said...

Lol. Correct. Chill, brother Eagle.

Eagle Esquire said...

Daz in a nutshell:

Year 1: He rode a Hiesman finalist to a slightly over .500 record before dropping the season finale at Syracuse and getting massacred against Arizona in the bowl. He was up 21-3 against FSU. Had the ball in the red zone on 3rd down and 8, then decides to runs it up the middle. Best win was a come from behind against VT.

Year 2: He pulled off a great win vs. USC only to drop the ball two weeks later against CSU and destroy all of the goodwill he just generated. Fielded one of the worst field goal kicking units I've ever witnessed which went on to cost them a bowl win and a shot at sending the Clemson game to OT (missed PAT was why they were down 4). In essence, he failed to put forth a complete team. No passing game and atrocious field goal kicking unit.

Year 3: Similiar kicking woes. No offense to speak of. A championship level defense that was COMPLETELY wasted because once again Daz failed to field a team that was competitive in all three phases. And the worst part about it is he has NO SENSE OF ACCOUNTABILITY. Blames injuries, youth, BC not being the type of school that big time recruits flock to, etc. To make matters worse he pouts on the sideline like a five year old and curses like he's in a southie bar. Isn't year three when a coach is supposed to put his stamp on the team, not fail miserably.

Now we're about to jump into year 4. Expectations are for a team that's below average and has to use a weak OOC as a crutch. Still relying on transfers to carry the team because Daz can't recruit.

Bottom line, a great coach can win at just about anywhere. Look what Urban Meyer did at Utah. They weren't a school that top tier recruits flocked to, but did Meyer use that as an excuse? No.

I'm also sick of the "it's a pro sports town" excuse, as well. It's a great sports town period. Look at the cost of a BC game vis-a-vis the Patriots. The right product could capitalize on that disparity and cater to the crowd that can't afford to dish out that type of cash. If only there was real leadership at the heights. I digress.

CT said...

There's only one irrationally obsessed commenter on here.

Geezer eagle said...

Well put, Esquire. Feel better now Mod? You have allies.

Knucklehead said...

Mod, Who would you have hired instead of Addazio? I want all the stats on him/her.

Geezer eagle said...
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Geezer eagle said...

Her? Political correctness run amok,?

mod34b said...

saw good BCI post. Thin OL big. Jumbo OL slimmed. BC just updated roster info

Got some right-sized OL. Bunch guys 6'5 or 6'6 and 300 lbs.

That is a good sign.