Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More Bowl predictions and other links

Campus Insiders predicts BC will get invited to the Quick Lane Bowl, which is the game played in Detroit on December 26. Remember the outrage when we last went there? I think most people would be happy with it now.

The Washington Post expects BC to win six games.

BC is now in full preparation for Georgia Tech.


Goberry said...

Just like BC should not accept "5th year transfers", nor should it accept bowl invitations to Detroit. There is nothing wrong with saying, at the end of the season "sorry men, you didn't get it done. We aren't going to Detroit."

mod34b said...

luv it goberry

but alas Brad Bates and Daz each lack the guts to do something so bold. heck they'd be crowing from the rooftops about the comeback season and getting back to bowl eligibility (at 2-6 in ACC play mind you), Many, including many here, would be calling for Daz to get a "well-deserved" extension and raise -- and BB would do just that.

Geezer eagle said...

6-6 bowl eligibility is a flipping joke, especially when one of those wins came from Wagner. It would be a travesty.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

6-6 should not be the requirement for bowl eligibility. 7-5 should be the cut off.

BC is not in any sort of position to be turning its nose to a bowl invitation, 6-6 record or not. The extra practice for the team is invaluable and is often used to get younger guys more snaps and experience. It would be foolish to turn down a bowl invitation.

5th Year Transfers have produced some of our best players in the last few years (Tyler Murphy and Ian Silberman) so not sure where that comment is coming from.

JBQ said...

With 125 FBS football schools, there are 40 bowl games.

Hoib said...

don't know how anyone can project anything when there's yet to be a game. last year there were teams in bowls at 5-7. Now that we have the final 4 which I bet will be 8 before too long. The rest of the games are just meaningless exhibition games.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I agree with SOS but I think all bowl games (after the 4) should be ranked by lottery every year (as to who gets the best teams) and the invitations issued based on some formula that accounts solely for record and strength of schedule (with a required threshold of 7-5). The lottery could be done twice with the oldest continually running bowls vying for the upper half ranked teams and the newer bowls vying for the lower half.

CT said...

Turn down a bowl after last season? Give up the practices? What are we, a preseason top 10 team that lost 5 games? Wow. Gotta disagree with that one. Besides, who wouldn't want to give up their Christmas for the opportunity to visit Detroit?

EL MIZ said...

coaches get 4 months of practice time for the regular season - aug, sept, oct, and nov. are Goberry and 34B actually recommending they turn down an additional 25% of annual regular season practice time (dec) because the bowl "isn't good enough"? this for a program that (a) didn't win a conference game last year, (b) is 59-58 over the last 9 years, and (c) has only 12-15 scholarship seniors, so approximately 70 scholarship players who would be coming back next season getting an additional month of practice.

yes, the bowl system is silly and the vast majority of them are literally exhibitions with nothing on the line. but its good exposure for the school and most importantly gives coaches more time to coach, players more time to practice, and an extra game of experience. we could, for example, use that extra month to play Wade exclusively with the first team (assuming Towles is the starter). for players trying to make the NFL (seniors like John Johnson, milano, Gutapfel, towles, willis) its an extra game for the scouts to assess.

i am all for Bates and Addazio scheduling legitimate football programs and not 4 OOC cupcakes every year, but saying we should start skipping bowl games shows complete delusion regarding where we are and how to get better.

mod34b said...

miz it is a very silly debate you are provoking. If BC gets a bowl, they are going. end of story. There is no courage in BB or Daz. and yes extras practice would be nice.

Do you think you might be one of those supporting an extension and/or raise for Daz if he gets BC bowl eligible at 6-6; 2-6 ACC?

you know ..... how Daz resurrected BC from the ash heap o 2015 (he created that ash heap, but let's forget that part)

.. how BC was now a respectable top 60 program .. DAz single-handedly had to hire new coaches (who were themselves sought after by the likes of Tom Brady) after his top coaches (who he recruited through brashness and charisma) left for Big Schools,

.... recruited like it was 2014 and facilities was not the ONLY issue recruits cared about,

......he reintroduced the forward pass and 40 yard FG to BC football after 3 years absence,

.......and he still had had to mold a young OL into a force such that it could mash Wagner into the dirt? (this is OUR HOUSE Wagner!!)

......and the kicker would be that this is only beginning, BC might be playing for the national championship by 2018?

Hario said...

Mod - skiping the bowl game is not bold or courageous -- does nothing but punt on a chance for extra practices for a team returning many players next year -- not a way to build a program

should Daz get a raise or extension for going 6-6 -- no of course not -- what does that have to do with skipping a bowl game? why do you have to be on one ridiculous extreme or the other?

EL MIZ said...

definitely don't think Addazio is deserving of an extension, and would not support an extension of him if we went 6-6 (2-6). nowhere did i suggest that to be the case.

Goberry suggested we skip the bowl, to which you replied "luv it goberry ... alas Brad Bates and Daz each lack the guts to do something so bold." my response to that is it would be silly to skip a bowl due to some ill conceived notion that we are too good for a low level bowl game.

your response to this is "it is a very silly debate you are provoking. If BC gets a bowl, they are going. end of story. There is no courage in BB or Daz". unclear, as usual, what you are suggesting other than another breathless reiteration of a borderline troubling dislike of Dazzler.

i'm going to operate off of the assumption 34B is trolling us from here on out.

Knucklehead said...

Ryan Day sucks.

Knucklehead said...

. . . Your 37th and next head football coach at Boston College.

mod34b said...

Miz, seriously. let me spoon fed you

1. I liked goBerry's prognostication (the detroit bowl is for losers)
2. I wish it could come true, but know it can't (Lack of guts at BC)
3. I acknowledge the reality that if there was a Detroit bowl invite, Bc would not only take it, but pretend it was a significant accomplishment and shower Daz with false praise (also ACC contract probably requires attendance)
4. i acknowledge the silver lining (more practice)

was that really so hard to follow?

Daz is obviously a major BS artist and excuse maker. Not a stand up guy. Yes, i dislike him as a coach.

but i really think you will support Daz till the end, which makes me suspect that you are a BC stooge.

troll? really? after years of posting, i am now a troll. stupid.

Silly Miz.

Knucklehead said...

I am still shoveling coal into the engine of the Al Washington for next head-coach train, however.

Hario said...

Mod - I still don't understand how not going to the bowl shows guts or why going to the bowl game would mean a daz extension raise or praise

mod34b said...

hario - rejecting the worst bowl prize because it sucks would take courage. I think ND turned down a bowl a few years ago. MIzzooo too


If BC goes 2-6 in ACC and 4-0 n OOC, Daz will claim victory. There will be talk of him overcoming all these obstacles etc. Seems obvious to me.

Knucklehead said...

I don't want to do anything that Notre Dame or Missouri does. Those programs cheat are corrupt and still don't really accomplish shit. Losers(ND for the last 25 years and Missouri forever).

Hario said...

alright well -- i still dont see the benefit from skipping a bowl game other than sticking it to ESPN/ABC

i dont know what Daz will came -- i doubt there will be talk of him overcoming obstacles if he goes 6-6 which is just what everyone projects him to go -- that doesnt seem obvious to me at all