Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Look at the uniforms and other links

BC teased out the pictures from photo day. It doesn't look like there have been any noticeable changes to the uniform.

Greg Toal is back coaching and there of course is a BC connection. He will be a DLine coach at Bergen Catholic under Nunzio Campanile. This won't help BC's recruiting at Bosco, but it won't hurt recruiting at Bergen Catholic.

This article assumes that Wade will be the starting QB this fall.


Knucklehead said...

What is the sports daily? Half assed operation. Wade is not a Redshirt Freshman.

BCEagles2014 said...

As a Bosco alumnus, it makes me sick to see Toal at Bergen Catholic.

Max said...

If only Daz , his coaches and the players could translate a photo shoot out if the Kardashian’s playbook into wins on the field.

It is probably me but this crap should stop. If players care about this sh:: then what do you expect when faced with someone who has put in the time for football.

Fire Daz now. Stop pandering to a “look at me” way of life

It is no wonder BC is floundering

Erik said...

Chris Lindstrom still looks like Flounder from Animal House. Not necessarily a bad thing.

JERZeagle said...

From coach hot seat - jerz.

#20 Hot Seat Head Coach – Steve Addazio, Boston College

With an out-of-conference schedule as SOFT as a dewy meadow on a Spring morning after an entire night of rain showers Boston College and Steve Addazio bounced-back a bit in 2016 with a 7 – 6 record that included wins over…


…and when you include the bowl game win over Maryland the BC Eagles posted a…

3 – 5

…record against teams with .500 or better records in 2017 and that leads us Steve Addazio’s win/loss records now in FOUR seasons at Boston College:

Overall: 24 – 27

ACC: 10 – 22

Now call us stupid if you like but shouldn’t a coach in FOUR years on the job that doesn’t have winning records Overall or in the ACC have .500 or better records have his ass sitting on the Hot Seat?

YES…and that is why Steve Addazio is on the Hot Seat which got a little hotter in recent days with Boston College naming a new athletic director, Martin Jarmond, who came over from Ohio State and who we have No Damn Doubt will NOT tolerate a head football coach posting a sub .500 record in his FIFTH year on the job….and 2017 will be Steve Addazio’s FIFTH year at BC!

Let’s go to Boston College’s 2017 schedule:

At Northern Illinois
Wake Forest
Notre Dame
At Clemson
Central Michigan
Virginia Tech
At Louisville
At Virginia
Florida State
NC State
At Syracuse

Geez…that’s a pretty tough out-of-conference schedule for BC in 2017 assuming that UConn will be improved under Randy Edsall, and there’s a chance that if the Eagles lost their opening game at Northern Illinois they might be 0 – 4 when Central Michigan arrives in Boston for a game on September 30.

Whatever games that Boston College wins or loses in 2017 we have a recommendation for head coach Steve Addazio:

Get SIX wins minimum Son or your head coaching days at BC will be over before the 76 th Anniversary of those Bastard Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941!

Unknown said...


GIVE THE LOSER the gate. GOOD riddance !!!! DAZ EUNDA EST.

PETER CARMICHAEL JR (BC GRAD) or RYAN DAY are the obvious choices.

Max said...

Being BC we will muddle througj and day DAz is a good person. The kids and admin are on the right track. Blah blah blah. Just win the games. If you can’t do that find another profession. jHMfC

knucklehead said...

Wade sucks.

The timing of when Dazzler benches Wade will show a lot about where Dazzler stands in regards to the hot seat(assuming he wants to keep his job). If Wade is below average the first two weeks and Brown doesn't get to play until Notre Dame(game 3?) then Dazzlers is not on the hot seat this season. If he does then he is.

This season could be an epic fucking disaster. I don't think anyone realizes how poor the o-line and QB are. The worst combination of the two I remember in the last 27 years. The D is good but diluted without Browns players and you have a new Special Teams coach.

Anonymous said...

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